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Drake Detail knife and Gil Special knife review. I like more than the other.

In this video I talk about some of the things I don’t like about the detail knife and some of the things I do I also talk about all the things I truly enjoy regarding the Gil special knife. I show you how to strop both knives. I also also give a good example for how to do a proper pull cut and a proper stop cut. Stay tuned to se how you can win in the giveaway.

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14 replies on “Drake Detail knife and Gil Special knife review. I like more than the other.”

The 1 1/2 inch detail knife is my most favourite knife in my collection, this is the knife I use the most. It is possible that your knife’s blade does not have the correct temper, Drake has a lifetime warranty I’d suggest that you get it replaced. All that said I did order the Gil based on your review.

Cool Channel i was checking out drake knives reviews on YT when i found yours . So i am now Subbed , liked & Shared 5/29/20 …. Please enter me for a knife giveaway , Hope to see more vid's soon

Love the videos James, I’m a YouTube content provider and I appreciate the effort that goes in so thank you, regards Malc

Great vid. I'm looking to upgrade my roughing knife. I'm looking at two knives: the Drake Gil Specisl and the Flexcut Sloyd. Which would you reccomend, if you had to settle for one? Thanks

Love Drake Knives!!! Its in the use.. The detail is definitely thinner, but its awesome with tight details in bark

Have you ever done a review on the Walnut Hollow knife? I like many others have bought that knife because of the price and how it looks. In my experience they do not sharpen well and with short use the rivets loosen up and becomes hard to use in general.

I got the exact same detail knife for Christmas. I was really disappointed. I mainly use Deepwoods Ventures knives, which are awesome.

Good video. I have not had an issue with my Drake Detail knife. It is my favorite for sure but now I'm gonna have to order the Gil Special.

Nice review. I've been looking for a carving tool review channel who is not afraid to give me an honest option. Keep up the good work.

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