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Anglo Arms Survival Kit Review and Test (Survival In a Tin Episode 4)

In this episode I try out the Anglo Arms Budget Survival Kit for around £16 for the whole kit. So how will this fear?

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They will also be given a rating as well
1. Survival in a Bed Room
2. Survival in a Garden
3. Survival in a local Wood
4. Survival in a Jungle or Desert
5. Survival on top of Everest

1 reply on “Anglo Arms Survival Kit Review and Test (Survival In a Tin Episode 4)”

I think that KFS set might split apart into individual parts if you slide the handles up and away from each other? Careful with the tanto sheath, I always pinch the sheath on the opposite side to the blade when drawing the knife because it's not impossible for the sharp edge to cut through the sheath itself. A real wicked wound to deal with in the middle of nowhere 🙁 PS Loved the woodland guitar solo 🤘

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