survival kit review

Survival Kit Whistle Review

We took a few whistles out to compare them and see how well they work

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These whistles are not so loud and shrill. Storm is very loud but so big. The best one is old wooden (no bakeliite) German Wehrmacht tubular pea whistle – 125 db, small and very easy to blow. Bought on a flea market in Sweden.

Has any rape ever been stopped by a whistle? Maybe. But I know for damn sure a bullet in the head stops rape instantly every time. Ladies, don't depend on a whistle or any other dumb gimmick. If you're worried about getting raped, carry a pistol.

I carry a Storm on my keychain. The thing is loud as I don't know what! Great tone and not a lot of air to blow. Down side is it's REALLY bulky.

that is a good point.. we need to re-do this video, and we'll include some kind of comparrison to hard difficult they are and how much air each needs to work well

i have an orange version of the ultimate survival tech. What i dont like about it is…it takes alot of air to blow it. If you were weak because of fatigue or lack of food, i dont know how effective it would be.

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