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EDC Pocket Dump on the Porch plus upcoming Knives for Review

In this video Okan shows off a new location (on the Porch), shows a quick pocket dump, and talks about a few knives sent from Slicey Dicey to review!

Links to the products listed below:

Instagram: Okan_Kane_EDC


**Some links below are Amazon Affiliate links and help support the channel!**

DUEBEL Full-grain Genuine Leather Slim Front Pocket Wallets –

Pokka Pens – or

Griffin Mini Pocket Tool – (Brass) or (Stainless)

Utilikey –

RovyVon Aurora A5 Flashlight –

Giltek Ruk V2 –

Spyderco LBLP3E Knife Ladybug 3 Lightweight Blue V-Toku2/Sus310 –

QSP Penguin –

Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight –

BRS Evolve Nomad Knife ––BRS-E-Volve-Nomad-Liner-Lock-Knife–96231

Artisan Cutlery Centauri Knife –

GiantMouse Ace Iona Blue Aluminum Knife ––GiantMouse-VoxAnso-ACE-Iona-Liner–103055

Sog Terminus XR S35VN –

Cleaning/Maintenance Supplies:

Wiha Torx Bit Set T5-T30 –

Wiha Magnetic 1/4 Bit Holder Stubby –

Knife Pivot Lube Combo Pack –

Knife Pivot Lube Original –

BTS Show Silicone Soldering Mat –

Knives Plus Strop Block –

BladeHQ Microfiber cloth ––Blade-HQ-Microfiber-Polishing-Cloth–51858

Aegis EDCi Solution (Sold out due to COVID-19) –

Blue Loctite Stick – Or

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Im a new subscriber and I'm liking what im seeing. I'd nominate that terminus xr for your next review.

🤣this is awesome! You guys are very clever, love the mini cigar. Keep the vids coming, the fun approach to sharing your experiences with knives/pocket swag is highly appreciated!

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