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TOPS Tracker 1 Survival Knife –

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15 replies on “TOPS Tracker 1 Survival Knife –”

Hah! No way 😀 My dad (while not officially a master) has been a Plumber for 35 years 😀 Thats awesome <3

That knife is a true survival knife. I have many of the model 1, some have been personalized and reground to optimize their edges and capabilities. I also have the no. two, three, and four models each of which is excellent for their intended uses. I also own several Beck versions and other custom makers versions. Needless to say, I am a Tracker fanatic! ALL Of my Tracker knives, independent of the maker, share the same features executed in slightly different ways, and ALL of them, if their edge geometry is correct, will outperform ANY other "survival knife" on the market for the straight-up survival functions for which the knife was designed. They include but are not limited to fire prep, shelter building, and trap, and bow building. Game prep can be done as well. Smaller camp tasks like spoon making etc. become a little more difficult but can be done as well. It is NOT a traditional bushcraft knife for sure. I am sure others out there have their favorite knife and I say more power to them, but this one is one of my favorites because I know how to use it and know what it can and cannot do. If you spend the time to learn the knife, you will abandon all other "survival knives" IMHO.

Another 'survival knife' sadly long out of production was designed by the late Chris Janowsky of Wilderness Survival Institute in TOK Alaska, I had one, sadly stolen. It was a one piece TOPS plain vanilla carbon steel neck knife. It had a tiny 2 1/2" spearpoint blade with a small staircase anvil for batoning. the skeleton handle was indexed for fingers with rounded edges, multiple holes for lashing, rounded butt for scraping burned wood bowls with a bowdrill divet.
There were multiple distance siting holes regulated by the specific length lanyard line held from eye to extended length. If was surprisingly accurate for stalking deer sized game. It hung from a kydex sheath and I butchered a small deer with mine. these tools have merit in incorporating ideas we may use on more traditional blades.

At last an unbiased review of this knife
Tell the model plane badge seller to pay attention it is fancy Tom Brown did not design this tool. I was an early attendee of his 'classes' I greeted him in Apache. I attended a reservation school as a little boy. He stared back blinking like a cow in the abattoir. When another student challenged a statement and DISPROVED IT brown became enraged. ' You have insulted grandfather' his standard escape, escorted him from the building and refunded his money after legal threats. I also left when he started blathering about 'gallons of water' from transpiration holes in the desert ( tom has never been in the desert) and I explained it was invented by USAF labrats developing survival gear for downed aircrews.
First Peoples hate him as a plastic Indian. He is openly hostile to environmentalists. He shows up for classes in his HUMVEE chain smoking and wearing one of his ROLEX watches and claims he can now track animals 'mentally' Not one Law enforcement Agency he claims to work for has even heard of him including the F.B.I.
He showed up as a student among the people who were teaching in the days of JEREMIAH JOHNSON that inspired the early post Vietnam Homesteading movement. His first volume was ghost written and then it was the rabbit hole of follow-up titles that make carlos Castaneda a amateur.
Now, the knife. It is one of many concepts of a tool in one including the famous PUMA WHITE HUNTER Ron Hood ATAX, SAKS and multi tools, Soviet Survival machete. You want one, fine. But do not give credit where not due.

I have been customizing mine to more of my liking after using it for awhile, removed half inch of the Micarta from the rear to give a more exposed pommel, removed powder coating from blade and I'm still in the process of polishing blade to a mirror finish, it's been a slow process, I work on it here and there.

The too happiest day in my Tom Brown Tracker life were the day my tracker showed up and the day I sold it. Typical of a do all tool, it does nothing too well.

I went with the Mini Tracker,  1/3 the dimensions but same quality.  Plus 100 buck cheaper.  Thank for the great video.

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