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Paragon Warlock Folding / Gravity Knife – Overview and Review

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19 replies on “Paragon Warlock Folding / Gravity Knife – Overview and Review”

I'd have to pass on a blade like this. I already have lots of scar tissue on my hands from normal knives…..and my inability NOT to not play with them….. I would lose a digit or two on this thing. Lol. It's a beautiful piece…..but most of mine are dual duty EDC / SD ……. Daggers never struck me as really effective in SD situations…..

Uhm America, isn't that the country where it's possible to sue Mc Donalds for serving hot coffee? I think I would put a sticker on the knife "handle with care" in big bold letters all over the handle piece.😁👍

Definitely check out the Phoenix. Much more edc friendly. Has a very utilitarian straight edge on the back edge and a nice blade with lots of belly on the front edge

I have never seen anyone use that model smoothly and I've seen quite a few try and they pretty much all look super clunky.

This knife has languished in my cart numerous times. Just could never buy it. Too odd but sorta cool.

Lugermonger's "knives you don't hand to people" video was where I first saw this knife 3 years ago but I actually liked it. I always thought it was a real cool opening mechanism and I love the sound to this knife. It's been on my wishlist for years!

Unfortunately there's so much red tape to the Paragon Warlock. It's a true gravity knife, it's a 4 inch blade length, it's a dagger style blade that is sharpened on both sides, and you actually need to "wrist flick" to open it…this is the knife that will get you in legal trouble should you bring it out in front of the wrong person. Would love to have this knife in the collection but the knife laws of New York (and several other states) can usually find something wrong with it that they deem illegal and you can go to jail for "excessive murder on a cardboard box." I live my life in such a way that I won't see the inside of a jail cell and the law is the primary reason why I never bought this knife.

I'm envious that you got to handle this one but seeing this knife always reminds me of how silly knife laws can truly be. We really need to update them to be more logical in application.

Ever since 1st seeing this knife I've wanted one in the worst way. Someday I'll add one to my collection.

I’m probably alone on this but I just don’t care for the symmetric look on folding knives. Still a very interesting knife and another awesome review 🤙👊

Good information. I have always wanted a paragon but never got one for all the reasons you say. I will probably still buy one because it is cool. Price has always kept me from purchasing a knife I think is purchased for mostly its fidget factor. Cool Blade, thanks again for information

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