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TOPS MSK 2.5 Mini Scandi Knife Review

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Blade Length: 2.75 inches
Steel: 1095 High Carbon
Handle Scales: Canvas Micarta
Weight: 2.4 ounces
Sheath: Kydex
Made In: USA
Price: $60

A light and handy knife suitable for cutting cordage, making shavings, notches, divots, skinning, slicing, making fire, and all small knife outdoor tasks. This is an excellent high quality knife in a small package, I could find no flaws in it except for the tightness of the sheath.

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30 replies on “TOPS MSK 2.5 Mini Scandi Knife Review”

Nice and sharp, I must have gotten a bad heat treatment on mine, it’s so dull and impossible to sharpen, I can sharpen anything except this msk neck knife

Dont know if you'll see this but do you think this would work with a tek lok? If not what you you reccomend to use as a clip?

I actually have a Boker Plus Rambler with a stag handle that I use for cleaning game and it's my favorite knife. I'm really liking the Tops MSK 2.5 because of the Scandi grind. I may have to buy one.

Say Heah, Reporting a progress on the Top's Mini Scandi 2.5. I find it to be a Aqesome little knife, especially with fine carving..The size is similar to a folder, but I find its a stronger type of knife since it's a full tang and no weak spot at the joint. But the shape of the blade is a awesome to fine carve, Yeah, it makes a good divot and it's small enough where you can really get closer to the tip allowing alot of control without worrying that it will snap shut on your fingers, I'm really enjoying teaming it up with my Potbelly that I'm using as a 1knife option. Good review, Thanx. ,, ,,

Say Heah Israel, lately I went from a 3knife carry, well I still do but I changed the look, Instead of knives I went with a saw and hatchet, lately I wanted to give my go to long knife a rest, so I got a new combo for the brambles in the bush I go in, Yup and you helped, I got the Potbelly and the Parangatang, then I started to take inventory as to which smaller knife I would use or get incase I need a smaller knife, I thought of my thinned down tan handle and polished Blind Horse Bushcrafter look's alot classier IMO than the regular handle and not polished, and I thought of my tan handle 3V Skookum Bush Tool, and my Tweeners (Beckers) which also came with tan handles, I have all three and changing one of them is a piece of cake, because most of my knives have black handles if I have a choice (G-10), and here around my neck was my answer (EDC), my M.S.K. with a Tan handle I won, so Yeah, the Potbelly is supposed to be a 1knife carry do (almost) all kind of knife, it does remind me of the Habilis Bush Tool except without a anvil front, well I'm sticking with the Top's Mini Scandi Knife, I still will neck carry it, and I think it should compliment my Potbelly and the Parangatang, I'm excited to give them a whirl.

I like this little knife. It's a side companion to my other full size fix blades. Take the top coating off so you can strike a flint lol

The edges on all TOPS "scandi" knives do not terminate at primary grind planes intersection. There is always a microbevel, which can actually can be quite thick, it varies from one piece to another.

Awwww, How cute… It might fit my hand better than some other knives I use. I don't know. I've kinda gotten use to using handles that are generally roomy for my grip.

That bad boy seems like a sweet tool. Not much into the neck knives yet but maybe I should start paying more attention. I live in a state where they don't give a crap what you carry so less a concern for me but that doesn't mean I roll around with a Rambo knife either. Great vid as always man, keep it real 

looks like such a sweet little blade. I must have this when my store gets it back in. nice review man

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