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Shun Chef Knives Complete Lineup Comparison

Here is a look at every knife Shun currently offers. Shun makes some of the best Japanese knives in the world. There is a knife for every budget, and every level of cooking experience. Which is best for you?

See the largest selection and best prices on Shun Cutlery

Shun knives are handcrafted in Japan, using traditional methods from the manufacturing of legendary samurai swords. Shun has been making knives for over a century. There are several knife collections to choose from, including the popular Shun Classic collection and the new razor sharp Shun Reserve series. Every Shun Knife is created by skilled artisans and requires at least 100 steps to complete. Made in Japan with a limited lifetime warranty.

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do you still have the shun blue kititsuke? lolz i know what ot is before you reviewed it but i used to have one bit sold it to a sushi chef and i want it back or another one!!! let me know of i can buy it from you… Corona free pf course.

I have five Shun Hiro knives so far. Not only are they beautiful but they are VERY sharp. Be super careful when using them! The other day I somehow dropped my paring knife and I knew it was going to hit the floor. I jumped so far out of the way because I didn't want it to impale my foot or cut off a toe! I survived but the tip broke off. šŸ™

i am trying to find your fillet and boning knives and good knife to cut the meat into steak pieces thanks if you guys can help

Basically, this is an advert for Shun, you should get paid for this. Look at the no viewers, about 58,000 total.

Is the pronunciation "shooon" or "shUn". I'm hearing it get pronounce in all sorts of different.

I personally find your videos very helpful, but the camera pan when trying to give a close up can be rather distracting and be a little annoying when trying to focus on the knife

Quit spinning the camera and keeping the knife centered in the shot. Iā€™m going to puke.

Iā€™m not a big fan of Shun before and all my knives are Miyabi and Takayuki but after I watch this video and how you describe each knives made by Shun now I want to buy them all especially the last one..thank for sharing the knowledge Ryky!!

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