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New Knives for the Week of July 23rd, 2020 Just In at

We’ve got a bundle of Benchmades and SOGs, some ADV and Pena production knives, and a new blade material that… isn’t steel? Check out the latest knives and EDC gear from KnifeCenter here:

Featured Knives
Benchmade 85 Billet Ti:
Benchmade 9400 Osborne Auto:
Benchmade Tengu Flipper:
Terrain 365 Otter with Terravantium blade:
SOG Ultra, Pentagon, and TAC XR:
LionSteel B41 Bushcraft:
CRKT Nishi:
Kershaw Lightyear:
CIVIVI Mandate and Copper Plethiros:
Andre De Villiers Production Alien (subject to availability):
Enrique Pena X Series Mula and Slipjoint (subject to availability):
Mattia Borrani Bowie Chef’s Knife:

Interested in a Tek-Lok? Get them here:

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14 replies on “New Knives for the Week of July 23rd, 2020 Just In at”

The terrain 365 comes in at just under $300? Do these new knife makers think their knives are seriously worth the prices they're asking?

The Benchmade 85, and 87, actually have magenetic latches as opposed to BM's usual spring latch. Basically 2 opposing magnets pull the latch into a more vertical position as soon as it slips out of the safe handle 'forks'.

Its one of the more interesting, if spatially inefficient and heavy, aspects of the knife. You can see a nice breakdown of it in one of Lugermonger's videos. 🍻

I've wanted a Benchmade 940 ever since I first got into modern knife collecting…But It's just too expensive for what it is. Drop it down to $125 or less for the base model, and I'll get one.

LionSteel has the WORST Customer Service and Warranty Service!!! Make sure you read reviews for whatever you buy, and if their isn't many reviews there is a reason.. Buyer Beware if defective you will have to pay to send your new knife to them and wait months to get it back. (Google reviews) 🙂

I see people complaining about prices… If $180 bucks in 2020 is too much for a quality blade. You should probably find a cheaper hobby. Lol

Benchmade is straight out a retarded price for that Knife. Even if that knife was made out of gold that is a stupid price Benchmade put on that. Sorry to say that but that's how I feel.

I got an ultra xr and had it rust on me within a week as well as the paint came off the blade. sent it back

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