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Is this hard to get pocket knife worth the hype? TRM Atom Review

The Three Rivers Manufacturing (TRM) Atom is a pretty popular pocket knife, that is a little harder to obtain than say a Spyderco Para Military 2. The Atom and Neutron both have a reputation for being sharp and capable of very precise slicing, and also thin and light in the pocket. In this video I perform a series of very awkward and inconsistent cut tests, and wonder aloud if this knife is better than my other EDC favorites. Will this video walk the line? Will it please the TRM cult? Who knows? But you will see other favorites in this video like the Cold Steel Broken Skull, the Civivi Asticus, and the PM2.
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20 replies on “Is this hard to get pocket knife worth the hype? TRM Atom Review”

I love every knife ive gotten from TRM. And your not just buying a knife. Your also buying some of the best customer service in the industry. Its a TRM family not a cult boy. Also TRM is releasing an axis lock style knife… Wich (and bare in mind i am a through and through Spyderco fanboy) i find a more comfortable lock to use.

Probably overpriced, but what isn't these days. It's the best slicer I own and great for summer with shorts. Good video as always.

Do you mean you are StrOping it, while stropping it…?..? Sounds risky, but if that's your thing😒😧😕… lol

I completely agree with everything you said, except your opinion on IPA's. But, this is 2020. Therefore, I must do everything in my power to see that you, and everything you love are completely and utterly destroyed. As soon as I find my mask, mom says I'm not allowed to leave the basement without it.

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