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What's The Best Nakiri Knife? Wusthof vs Shun Review

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Nakiri knives, or nakiri bocho, are japanese style knives used to cut and slice vegetables. With blade length between 5 and 7 inches, they’re perfect for vegetables of all kind.

Besides looking at the benefits, we also present and review two different nakiri knives. The Shun TDM0742 Premier and the Wusthof Classic Nakiri Vegetable Knife with Hollow Edge.

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Which is the best Nakiri? Neither of these, that's for sure. Your money will buy much more with a brand like Yaxell or Takayuki, or virtually anything from Seki that's not an overpriced Shun.

imagine if he actually exhibited the knives chopping vegetables in a review of vegetable knives

The Wusthof one is a good value, but I couldn't bring myself to buy a German Nakiri. Just doesn't seem right.

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