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DeWalt Retractable Utility Knife Review – Model DW10035

In this video I go over the DeWalt Retractable Utility Knife DW10035. This is a great utility knife that is durable and built to last. It will hold two blades safely in the handle and changing a blade out on the go takes about 10 seconds without any special tools.

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15 replies on “DeWalt Retractable Utility Knife Review – Model DW10035”

Im thankful for you just changing a blade on this. I thought the black button was not grabbing the blade to push back far enough and i know to use the front crevice/dip slot. It just was not grabbing. I did slime it up a bit and that helps. So I knew I was doing mechanics correctly.

Thank you my guy, you taught me how to open the truck that I didn't even know about and the push to slide in the blade.

Found the utility knife when we moved in to our house… couldn’t figure out how to change the blade!! Thanks man!!

Finally just opened my new dewalt knife and I can’t even put the blade In…. really Frustrated

You should pin that dude Matt's comment on how to insert the blade. He helped me & my mother.

You show how to take the blade out but not how you put it in. And that's where the fun really begins. Piece of crap knife.

I know I know this video is old and blah blah blah lolol but how come not a single person in any video I've watched talks about the fact you can lock it from folding open if you do have a blade loaded in it?? Do people just not know about it or something?? Do people not play with the new tools they just bought😂😂lolol.?? That was something I found out about within 2 minutes of owning it!!

But in case you really had no idea. Here's how. 1. Make sure blade is loaded! 2. Close the knife all the way to it being folded closed! 3. Push down on the blade slide and slide it to the half way point where it locks and boom!! Now your knife is locked completely folded shut and will not open until you pull the blade slide back to closed position!!! Hope some one or every one learned from this comment!!

Like stated above I know how old this video is but I watched every single video on this knife and not a single one of guys mentioned it and I thought it was the best part as I have a 3 Y/O son who loves to be just like dad and is getting into my tools!

I was so disappointed it doesn't work properly, I don't wanna think someone at the quality department is not doing a good job, I don't only say it for a 12 buck utility knife, like even their battery packs are garbage and so expensive, I'm done with dewalt.

Bought one and ran into 2 problems. #1: The remnants of the card were jammed into the blade area. Needle nose pliers and 20 minutes worth of coaxing finally removed all the paper shreds. I  considered burning it out!  #2: Inserted a blade, it disappeared into the bowels of the knife, little tab button won't engage. Summary: Paperweight. $13 gone.

Why don’t you demonstrate putting the blades back in the knife?!?
That is messed up! It takes forever!

Try the blades supplied in the handle and the knife works great.Stanley blades will not work.Take Care

This knife is really a piece of sit, i bought 3 already all have the same problem ,when you change a new blade the blade can't hold and always fall out, don't buy

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