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Benchmade 477 Emissary 3.5 Knife Review | Knifehog

Knifehog’s Addison reviews the newest addition to Benchmade’s Emissary series. See what she has to say about this wildly impressive tactical folder.
Rating: 5 stars

Hey guys! Welcome back to Addison here and today I’ll be reviewing one of Benchmade’s newest and most impressive tactical folders: the 477 Emissary.
Boasting a Warren Osborne design, this new addition to the Emissary series includes a few of the same features of its predecessors, but with a tweeks. This knife measures 8″ in length and weighs only 3.59 ounces, which makes it a perfect EDC. This knife’s blade is 3.45″ long and is constructed of S30V premium stainless steel, which makes it incredibly tough and able to handle things like cutting thick rope and hard plastic tubing. The handle of this knife is made of CNC aluminum and features a deep and shallow finger groove for your fingers to wrap around it comfortably. Just like it’s predecessor the Emissary 470-1, this knife features an Axis-Assist system that deploys the blade very quickly and locks the blade up very tightly. To open the blade using the assist system, just give the ambidextrous thumb studs on either side of the blade a slight push and the perfectly centered blade will deploy. When the blade is opened or closed , you can slide the safety mechanism into the locked position securing the blade in its current position. This knife features a reversible pocket clip for easy storage on your jeans or camping bag.
Overall, the Benchmade 477 Emissary is definitely a fantastic addition to the Emissary series. It’s extremely tough and durable blade fused with the ergonomic handle make it a very discreet yet powerful knife that you would want to carry with you at all times. The Axis-Assist opening system on this knife guarantees consistent and safe deployment as well. There is not one bad thing I have to say about this knife and highly recommend it those who are looking for a powerful yet lightweight EDC.
We here at Knifehog give this knife a perfect score of 5 out of 5 stars.
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21 replies on “Benchmade 477 Emissary 3.5 Knife Review | Knifehog”

How do you do a review without mentioning the damn price? That should be part of the frikin review!

My husband Michael would really like this knife being it can also cut through plastic tubing and the strong stainless steel blade. He is a knife hog for sure! Thanks in advance for the water bottle.

i think this would be a really great EDC. deep carry pocket clip makes for discreet carry, a plus. i love S30V, it holds an awesome edge! Can't go wrong with theAXIS lock. Good oal for edc.

Benchmade always makes a good knife. I've ordered a few things from Knifehog and really like the company. Good review.

Can't go wrong getting your knives from Knife Hog. I've always been happy with them. That's a nice knife.

Aluminum handle? Not very durable. Prefer G-10 or carbon fiber. Strange blade geometry, but excellent CPM steel. I'll stick with the Benchmades and CRs that I currently own, thank you.

Great looking knife!  Though the handle design makes me wonder if it will fit with my large hands?  WATER BOTTLE!

Benchmade makes some great knives! Some of my toughest knives are Benchmades. Thank you for the review (and maybe a free water bottle).

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