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Spyderco Para3 Lightweight Full Review! Another knife from the Cut Club Box!

In this video I provide my full review of the Spyderco Para3 LW which I no longer own but was able to experience again thanks to the Cut Club Box from the Millie PM2 Para3 Club and Cutlery Shoppe!

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13 replies on “Spyderco Para3 Lightweight Full Review! Another knife from the Cut Club Box!”

Agreed on the carbon fiber with better steal version 💯! The preference for the lanyard lobby on the original and trade offs on the lightweight has kept me from buying either. Seems strange that companies continue to favor the lanyard hole over a great clip with proper placement, especially since we all use the clip.

Oh wow bro looking good!!! Wow I must of missed your new orange case very nice!! Looks awesome!! Cool video brother!! Bro you so close to 2k keep going brother!! 👉💪✅ another nice knife it’s very stout lol looks small till you flip the blade lol

Dude try to do a skinny mod on your stock G10 scales since you've been doing scale swaps recently.

DLT Trading did a Red Lightweight M390 exclusive. Perfect centering. It is awesome. The red was different then the red on there G10.

I like your thought process . Reminds how I think and I agree with your thoughts on all takes of what you say in videos. I really enjoy your videos and find them informative. I'm grateful for finding your channel and being a subscriber. Keep up the good work!

I had the basic version of this and I liked it okay but I just sold it over this past weekend and I ordered a s30v pm2 bc id never tried one yet. But I felt the exact same way, when I wanted to go with a lightweight carry I tended to grab my bugout more oven!! Awesome review as always!!

I want a lightweight pm2. I haven’t ever been that interested in a para3. I love the size of the pm2

Linerless carbon fiber PM2/P3 wasn’t even in my thought process now I want to see it so badly.

Love this knife. Spy 27 version is also sweet. Delica’s start at $84. Might as well spend the $15 and get a much better knife in my opinion.

I was at River’s Edge Cutlery last week and checked out the Para 3 lightweight Spy27. Centering is slightly off on these models just as the standard Para 3 lightweight I already own. I think it is caused by using only 1 washer on the lock side causing centering to be off the width of that washer. Ended up getting my forever Para 3 in Maxamet. Great guys at REC.

I own the lightweight Para 3 with the coated blade and I agree, it's a great knife but there are definitely some tradeoffs. I'm planning to buy a different Para 3 at some point. Maybe if there is a cool sprint run or color variant. Love your idea for a CF version. That would be sweet!

I am not a fan of the FRN on any knife. However they did a good job with this and i get why people love the lightweight offerings.

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