survival kit review

Kathmandu Survival Kit Review

Hey guys, Sorry for the lack of uploads during December but we were on holidays and we couldn’t make anything. This Survival Pack is approximately $25-$35, it contains:
Waterproof paper
Flint fire steel
Cotton wool (2pcs)
Button compass
Survival mirror
Wire saw
Snare wire
Fishing kit
Salt sachet (2pcs)
Safety pins (2pcs)
Duct tape,
Zip-lock polybag
Braid nylon cord

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4 replies on “Kathmandu Survival Kit Review”

Same bullshit kit that sells in China for under $5 and is rebranded, shame on Kathmandu for this crap.

Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of Survival kit on my blog at travisreviews. com/survival-kit-review/ Thanks. Donnie.

if you dont know why to use a knife. you should REALLY learn why a knife is good to have if its not sharp get a stone or something else to sharp the knife with

I agree that it "looks good" but don't be too sure that it "works well."  Have you used any of this stuff yet?  I bought one of these and found that the ferro rod would not give off sparks with the striker supplied (or any other metallic article in the kit).  I had to cut the end off an old hacksaw blade and tie that to the rod in order to have a means of striking sparks.  Also, the little pocket knife (and attached scissors) were totally blunt and defied all efforts to produce a usefully sharp edge.  I binned it and substituted a little SAK.  Much better.  I have bought Kathmandu gear for years and used to swear by it, but I suspect that this kit may contain some cheap  rubbish that could let you down in an emergency.  Or perhaps I was just unlucky?  You should thoroughly try it out before you put yourself into a situation where your life may depend on it!

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