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Victorinox Outrider knife | Field test | Swiss army knife review

Here is my review of Victorinox Outrider knife and field test. Victorinox Outrider knife is large pocketable outdoors knife.The Victorinox Outrider knife is a 4 layer multi-tool- of the 111 mm series- which features a 8 cm locking blade with a slide lock. The Swiss army knife Outrider multi tool knife has 4 screwdrivers! The handle scales are made of mat nylon.

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1.⏩ 0:36 ➡ Build quality
2.⏩ 1:39 ➡ Handling and use +Field test
3.⏩ 3:01 ➡Tools overview

Here is a link to the Outrider:

Back of the knife:
The knife has 4 layers (1 double layer, no-liner).
The knife has the uncommon long inline Phillips screwdriver tool.

Handle scales:
The handle scales are made of mat nylon, the victorinox emblem is printed. there is no metal inlay. Big difference with the normal cellidor scales.The nylon doesn’t leave any fingerprints

3. Overview tools

large locking blade
bottle opener
screwdriver 5 mm, lockable
wire stripper
wood saw
can opener
screwdriver 3 mm
reamer, punch
Phillips screwdriver 0 / 1, long
key ring

Weight: 132 g (comparison). Victorinox reduces the weight: All the liners and spacers are made of aluminium and victorinox chose for normal size opening layer tools, the nylon scales are hollow and the slide lock is lighter than a liner lock(= extra layer stainless steel) and There is no liner between two layers
Big locking blade in combination with scissors
Many screwdrivers

Victorinox Outrider multi tool | Field test | Swiss army knife review

Swiss Army pocket knife with 14 features. Locking blade
Brand: Victorinox
Can be opened with one hand: no
Blade length: 8 cm
Closed length: 111 mm
Blade shape: spear point
Type of edge: plain edge
Finish blade: mirror polish
Handle material: nylon, mat finish
Lock: Slide lock
Colour: red
Weight: 132 grams!
Number of tools: 14 functions

Physical specs:
Length: 111mm
Width: 21mm
Height: 31mm (maximum)
Weight: 132g

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Great review! I like the Outrider, this is a knife I would like to get, also torn between getting this or the Huntsman which would be more of a legal carry without the locking blade. Do you use a pouch for your Outrider?

You have long been victorinox outrider. It's worth the investment? is he really good what did you think? is yours still good?

I think their 111mm line is probably the best for the everyday worker. Not too big, built tougher, inline tools.

It would be really helpful to know how much force it takes for the blade lock to fail, compared to a liner lock.

so, if you removed the full flat grind blade, scissors, inline phillips, saw and corkscrew and replaced with a partially serrated blade, shackle key, and bottom phillips screwdriver, youd have a helmsman? thanks for sharing.

Thanks, great review!
I just ordered one ..and im a bit surprised and bummed to hear it’s a printed Swiss decal instead of inlayed… Also, I would’ve paid more for the lock to be steel or aluminum instead of gray plastic. Cheers.

Looking at either this, or a Hunter. I do like having scissors though… thanks for sharing!

This is my most used 111mm SAK. I carry with me anytime hiking or fishing. It is truly a fantastic knife for outdoor use. The screwdriver is a No 1. Phillips. I wish they would switch this to the number 2. Phillips. This is the main reason why your screw driver slipped while putting in the wood screw. Still an excellent knife.

I’ve been wanting this model for a long time now, but I’m not a huge fan of the slide lock. The new 2017 outrider has a liner lock, so looks like I may be picking one up soon now ; ) great video as always Mr. Sharp!

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