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Mora Knife Review – Overview of 4 Popular Mora Knives

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11 replies on “Mora Knife Review – Overview of 4 Popular Mora Knives”

Yes I have 2 one carbon and one in stainless for the price they are fantastic and really strong and sharp

Thank you for sharing
Yes they are excellent knifes and will do what a 400 pounds knife will do.
I have the Mora classic and the Mora companion excellent tools. 👍🇬🇧

"Swedish steel bites" Because it ate up other swords(brooke them apart). Partly due to the iron ore in Sweden have less oxigen in it then others.

When I first went to sea I used what my rugged old boatswain jokingly called a Tarzan knife. When he retired he called me and gave me his Mora. 
"This is carbon-steel", he said, "Swedish. The best in the world". 
Now, 32 years later, I still have it.

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