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KA-BAR Hobo Knife Review

The KA-BAR Hobo Knife is a great tool to bring on a camping trip. It is a lock-blade knife with a fork blade and spoon blade. The KA-BAR Hobo Knife splits into 3 pieces so you can use each utensil separately. Watch this review to see how it works. KA-BAR describes this knife as KA-BAR Knife Fork Spoon 1300 The Hobo Outdoor Diner.
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this thing vs the "tactical spork" ? both are made by Ka-Bar but which one would be better?

You lose any and all legitimacy when you do not know how to properly pronounce the manufacturer, especially one as historic as Kabar.

Watching one of the many ka-bar reviews on youtube first could have saved you from that funky pronunciation. πŸ˜‰
On another note, I want one of these. I don't need one, but I want one. LOL

It looks cool i might still get one. Although I want an edc folding hobo set with out the knife since i already carry other knives . The titanium sporks are nice but i like to have that strong folding handle the also keeps it clean in the pocket . I guess il just have to make my own

My wouldn't let me separate the knife but tried it herself and found out the hard way! Anyway thanks for the review helped me get the thing!

My one came rockkk solid, so hard to get it apart, I tried using vegetable oil but it doesn't change anything, going to have to get a new one which sucks.

I know the multiple proper ways to use the utensils.. but I choose to do the opposite because it seems more practical.. usually food isn't that hard to cut and I am right handed so I would rather have the coordination with my fork to be in my right hand.. and I don't even cut anyway.. I more like.. split food apart by using my knife and fork lol.

Probably already answered, but the fork goes on the left because the dominant hand is used to cut meat with.

Does that bottle opener double as a can opener? most bottle openers do but most people dont realize since bottle/can opener combos require a different method of opening cans than traditional ones.

fork goes on the left because when you cut your steak you most likely use the steak knife in your right hand

im going to buy one of these if for no other reason i hate sharing utensils with other people… i think its a bit gross, especially at restaurants

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