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Dewalt Retractable Folding Utility Knife Review

This is a brief look at Dewalt’s new retractable folding utility knife. The knife retracts and folds closed, making it compact and easy to carry in a pocket, pouch, or tool bag.

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I know I know this video is old and blah blah blah lolol but how come not a single person in any video I've watched talks about the fact you can lock it from folding open if you do have a blade loaded in it?? Do people just not know about it or something?? Do people not play with the new tools they just bought😂😂lolol.?? That was something I found out about within 2 minutes of owning it!!

But in case you really had no idea. Here's how. 1. Make sure blade is loaded! 2. Close the knife all the way to it being folded closed! 3. Push down on the blade slide and slide it to the half way point where it locks and boom!! Now your knife is locked completely folded shut and will not open until you pull the blade slide back to closed position!!! Hope some one or every one learned from this comment!!

Like stated above I know how old this video is but I watched every single video on this knife and not a single one of guys mentioned it and I thought it was the best part as I have a 3 Y/O son who loves to be just like dad and is getting into my tools!

2nd blade change and it is broken. I would not buy this or recommend this knife. Really sad job Dewalt.

I had one of these, and the little nub for changing blades never worked, and there's no easy way to open the front section to fix it. It's an overly complicated piece of crap like much of DeWalt's overpriced stuff. Just use a 99 cent model. If it works 1 time it will work twice as well as my crappy DeWalt.

Video still holds up, just found this knife, didn't know how to take the blade out, didn't know it had extra blade holder, thanks

Never had folding utility knife. Did not know how to close it, until I saw where you were putting your finger. Could not open with one hand though, seemed easier with 2 hands.

Main thing I like about this knife is the ability to cut twine without having to have blade extended. Milwaukee's version has a little better access slot for this purpose.

I'm very disappointed in this knife I was very. excited then when it came to load it it wouldn't work the video made it look easy I'm returning it and just getting another brand
very unsatisfied customer DeWalt should not have it's name on this it. should say defective ware on it

Could a be a good knife…Don't know because I cannot unpackage the knife.

The blade release will not release the cardboard packing….looking through these comment regarding the blade release…this knife is going right back to Home Depot.

Really DeWalt…all that trouble to package a knife? Simplicity…it's a word. look it up.

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