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TOPS Knives "Lil' Roughneck" Worlds THICKEST "Neck" Knife (10+ Ounces) This Will Be Interesting…

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20 replies on “TOPS Knives "Lil' Roughneck" Worlds THICKEST "Neck" Knife (10+ Ounces) This Will Be Interesting…”

Somewhere in Arizona Medford saw this and got the idea for a letter opener… that's too thin though.

Recently found your channel and subscribed I’ve been a knife collector for a while now and love the content of the channel 👍👍

I'm impressed by the fact it came in a box. I've literally never had a tops show up in anything other than a clear plastic bag lol. Definitely a cool little blade as well no doubt.🍻

I have a number of Tops Knives, I really am impressed with their quality. I have both editions of the Operator Seven and on the Black Out edition they also put that stupid belt clip on the sheath. Totally useless application in which to carry that knife and equally bad choice for this Little Roughneck. I now have to make a new Kydex sheath for my Operator Seven or try to make the sheath that came with the knife work by changing out that ridiculous spring steel belt clip. I don't know what they were thinking. The dangler arrangement on my Acid Washed Operator Seven is not much better. Love the knives but the carry method needs to be reviewed.

Will you ever do a give away from the pile of knifes subscribers have sent you , you must have a room full !!!

To prepare for carrying this neck knife, I'm wearing an axe head around while waiting for the mail.

Thanks for the review and sharing. I've had the knife for years. the thickest smallest knife ever. The story behind this knife. There were guests working on an oil drilling platform. and carried Tops knives that they used to center pipe flanges together. you need a crowbar for that and no knife of course. she sent the broken knives back to tops. and it was weird how they broke. until they discovered what they were used for. then they developed this knife as a kind of joke for the Roughneck,s who worked on the oli platform. this knife is really unbreakable and cannot be bent , that is impossible

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