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Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II – An Excellent EDC Option – Guest Review

I recently had one of my good college buddies over my house. I was telling him how I started a YouTube Channel and had been doing some Maxpedition Reviews. Realizing he’s a Maxpedition fan, I knew he had some gear, and not surprising he had his Pygmy Falcon II EDC with him. So he asked if he could do a review…think I was gonna say no? So here it is…

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20 replies on “Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II – An Excellent EDC Option – Guest Review”

I like the bottom part also very much. in your case, you can acces the sunglass case, without taking off the bag. thats why thon lower part is so great! i carry a rain poncho there while hiking. 2 seconds on my head….

Great review with good points, in fact I may get rid of my vanquest TRIDENT 21 and go for a MAXPEDITION PYGMY FALCON II.

Do you know what pouches he uses for “everything for work” and “miscellaneous items”?

I've had this as an edc since 08. Love this bag. For work I use the rifcore but this is one hell of a bag

Great review. Helped me figure if this is for me. I’m a minimalist and don’t want to carry more than I need or have a huge backpack for a handful of essentials

Great vid, I have this bag too. It's a great product like many of their items. Being in the city I would add a few 3M N95 mask. Just a suggestion and enjoyed the video.

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