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Knife Review GERBER Replaceable Blade – Gerber Vital Knife and Zip Knife – Teach a Man to Fish

Review of the Gerber Vital Replaceable Blade knives.

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Piranta-Edge by Havalon:
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Outdoor Edge Razor Pro:

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3 replies on “Knife Review GERBER Replaceable Blade – Gerber Vital Knife and Zip Knife – Teach a Man to Fish”

I have the havalon and I love it the only thing I didn't like about the Gerber after seeing reviews was you couldn't use the length of the blade as you can the havalon. With one blade I have skinned 5 capes and gutted for deer cleaned 5 chickens and 2 ducks

Nice job bud. I have a havalon tat uses the same #70 Scalpel blades. I have moved to the Outdoor Edge Razor series, mainly because I think replacing these scalpel blades is nothing short of dangerous without tools. The OE is one button. Scalpel Blades are cheaper by a little… How is your Patreon doing? Join us on the FB group YT Outdoor creators support group. We share info and idea there.

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