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Ken Onion Edition Knife Sharpener – Post 2 Yr Use Review

It’s been two years since I received the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife Sharpener. This is a re-review about my thoughts after using the product for a few years. Walkthrough replacing sharpening belt and we sharpen my favorite filet knife, plus some slice tests.

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I got 1 but Geez I wish I could get my 20cv steel benchmade to get an edge on it, same as my s90v steel blade won't even cut butter , I'm still learning but had no joy.

I just ordered mine off of Amazon the other day. What kind of replacement belts did you reorder for yours? Thanks

Good video. The only thing is I need your wife to tell my wife that would be a good birthday present 🎁 have a good one 👍🏻

Someone here didn't read their manual. There are instructions in the Ken Onion booklet that are being ignored here. Who needs instructions when you can just wing it! Sorry for reviving a dead thread.

When you say 17 degrees, is that a total of 17 degrees (8.5 degrees) per side, or is that 17 degrees per side on the sharpener settings? Thanks for the video!

I don`t know why all these guys think you cut sushi "razor thin"….they must never have eaten sushi in their life, it ain`t like that AT ALL !

I ordered one, waiting for it to come. Been watching a lot of vids on it. Looking forward to trying it out! Thanks for your video!

Nice video! I've used my KO for four years with zero issues. Small learning curve. I'd buy it again in a second.

My experience: IF the knife is not badly damaged starting off, just try a couple of strokes AND don't push down hard. This thing GETS WITH IT, and you can easily take off more than you need. I just took a pretty studly, heavy knife with serious damage to the edge, started with the course belt–made maybe 5 to 7 passes, each side of course and could not believe how much metal came off, fully restoring the bevel. Then, with only two more belts and maybe–seriously now–maybe 3 passes, each belt and it became shaving sharp. This is a great tool, especially if you are like me, meaning not a pro. I real pro can use wet stones and do pretty well anything, they can actually "feel" the bevel–I've watched one work. That said, for you and I, this is a very hard system to beat–and hey, I don't even have this "Ken Onion" system, mine is the basic unit–and all I need.

Can it keep a bevel edges? Or will all knives end up with rounded convex bevels (no visible edge…making the while side of the knife 1 bevel)?? using the angle guide…Any tip rounding?? 🙂

Huh ell, which 'review' is NOT sponsered by WorkSharp? They're All SO obvious, with WorkSharp prominently displayed All the way ! Hey …uhm…'WorkSharp'? I just need a few tips from 'Real Users' because This is Not as simple as you'all are Trying SO hard to pretend!!
Got mine around 2 years ago, haven't used it much, cause I'd rather leave my 'Good' knives with their 'original edge shape' until I get Better at this thing. Most 'New' knives have to be Changed First to Your Beveled system??? I'm just not Sure What that will Do to a nice Osborne??

What would you set it to for japanese kitchen knives which typically have a 12 degree angle per side?

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