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ALMAZAN KNIFE REVIEW. This is the unboxing and review of the Bushcraft Serbian chef knife Hand Forged by Almazan knives. This is the best knives I’ve ever seen it is sharp high carbon steel Hand Forged so no two of the same. It has a thick durable parka wood handle. It is a centuries-old design and handmade in a forge in Almazan Spain by Craftsman with 30 years experience at forging high carbon steel. This knife will hold its edge longer than regular knives due to the high carbon steel blade that is razor sharp. It is excellent for chopping slicing dicing and rugged outdoor use like hunting and camping and trails. Almazan also makes a chef’s knife that is thinner for slicing in a kitchen. We will be doing a review on that one as well when we can get one. But don’t underestimate this knife it is awesome in the kitchen as well and to do everything the chef knife can do. This is the real deal all others are fake only by this night from the almazan Facebook page.

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BUYER BEWARE!! I live in France and ordered this knife from what I thought was neighbouring Spain. The knife shipped from the US so apart from the 89 euros I paid for the knife, the 35$ I paid for UPS shipping, I have just now received a bill from UPS for taxes and handling charges of 38 euros!! So for my 89 euros knife, there were an additional 73 euros for shipping and charges. The company knows very well that this will happen but they don't factor that into the price or warn you when you please your order. So the total price for this knife is 162 euros. When I wrote to their support to complain they deleted my user account on their website and ignored my emails. It's a nice enough knife but no way is it worth the 162 euros I have now paid for it. Anyone purchasing this knife from Europe will have the same problem so I say again BUYER BEWARE!!!!

This knife is not the authentic one.the real one have tapered handle and tapered get what you pay for.this is a stock removal knife with hammer pattern its not forged.

and you have all fingers with your technique,… this knife is so dull, you can ride on it,… my 5$ knife is sharper than this,… hahahahahaha

Everything is roses until the knife doesn’t arrive. I ordered two. They delivered one with scratches and a grind line that a someone that couldn’t see put on the knife. It’s more than rustic looking. A month has elapsed and I am without the second knife. I am stuck with a knife that I hate. I asked for a refund but that was several days ago. They said they would get back to me “Soonhaveaniceday”. I contacted the owner of the website who sells these products for Almazan. He tells me that he doesn’t have any control of the distribution system.

If you check with Trust Pilot 40% of the people posted a negative review. That’s 40% who have an unresolved issue with Almazan. Reminds of the guy who was selling soup on Seinfeld. Maybe the distribution center are his cousins.

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