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2020 Everyday Carry Gear Deep Dive (EDC)

Everyday Carry (EDC) review. Knives, flashlights, holsters, pistols, wallets, and more. Wes Robinson, AKA Robinson Outdoors and the host of the Youtube Channel “Gear 101”, goes takes a deep dive into everything that’s working for him right now. He is known for pushing gear to their limits so you know that if he recommends it…it’ll be up to the task.

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Gear Mentioned:
Saddleback Leather Co Wallet w/ 100 Year Warranty
Fisher Space Pen
Streamlight Protac 1L1AA
Zero Tolerance 0452
Kershaw Spline
Smith’s Knife Sharpener
Woodies Sunglasses
Leupold Sunglasses
Galco Gunleather Holster Belt
Blue Alpha Cobra EDC Belt
Glock 43
Glock 26
Sig P365
Ruger LCP2
Sticky Holster
Galco Gunleather Combat Master Belt Holster
Galco Ankle Glove
3V Gear Sling Bag

Show Notes:

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2 replies on “2020 Everyday Carry Gear Deep Dive (EDC)”

Thanks for coming on Wes! This is an awesome review of how to approach your every day carry. Appreciate you helping the newbies who are looking for the best flashlight, knife, sidearm, etc. ! 👊

Wes is the man! This was a really cool episode! I learned so much about what SHOULD be a part of my everyday carry (EDC). I look forward to picking up some new gear! Thanks Brad & Wes!

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