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Ganzo F803 Survival knife review 2018. Better than Bear Grylls survival knife?

Thanks to Justin Cradduck for loaning me this knife.
Link to Ganzo F803 on Amazon

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One of these caught my eye. I been looking at reviews. The knife is a half Tang that runs the full length of the handle and attaches to the " glassbreaker " nub on the end of the handle. Canadian Cutting Edge showed you can disassemble it in his review. I'm gonna grab one of these for my suburban Bushcraft. Thanks for the review.

My fire rod sticks like crazy too. Just got my knife in today. I'm impressed so far.

Guess if I didn't own a Benchmade 162 Bushcraft this would be a must have for the price great review cold hands needing a fire that Ferro rod would be a real pain in the ass.

For $25 its a champion,you just cant beat that.I reacon at best it would be stick tang which can take a beating.atb paddy👍☺🍀

I think i like this one better than the original. Nice in depth review 🤘I dont think the gerber is full tang.

I would have loved to seen them in a side-by-side test as far as like head retention maybe even like just the length I like the thickness of the stock maybe show me feather sticks or something

Great review thanks , not sure why I don't get Youtube notifications of new videos and I have the bell notification on.

Well I have to hate it because it's another design ripped off by Ganzo and I can't stand clones. Awesome video though. Keep the reviews coming and maybe one day we'll see each other at Shot Show!

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