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Extrema Ratio MK2.1 Camp knife Review

Extrema Ratio MK2.1 Camp knife. I took the Extrema Ratio MK2.1 out for 2 weeks of solid testing in the wilds. Here are my results:
The Extrema Ratio MK2.1 is of course an ambitious project from Extrema Ratio of Italy to “remodel” if you like, the original USMC fighting Bowie from the Second World War (and of course models still available today from KBAR) using the excellent stainless tool steel, Bohler N690 Cobalt alloy. Glass fibre reinforced nylon replaces the stacked leather grip and 300 series stainless steel features in the other parts. The MK2.1 can be disassembled in the field if necessary without the aid of tools.
I’ve had my eye on the Extrema ratio MK2.1 knife for a long time (it’s not new from ER) and decided it needed a touch of BCT!
Having a flat butt end on the MK2.1 means being able to do push strokes with this blade, something which is very useful, as a cutting stroke.
Basically, the Extrema Ratio MK2.1 a great 7 inch camp knife, totally capable of some easy to serious tasks which could be encountered during a camping and hiking trip.
You can also see it here on the manufacturer’s site:

The Extrema Ratio MK2.1 is a solid performer as could be expected and yields itself well to outdoor adventure activities, such as camping and hiking. Maybe it’s right for you?
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Always enjoy the setting and scenery, as well as the field test of the knife. For a military styled knife, one expects the guard. Some users do not like them, since they interfere some with finer carving. I think for shaving wood, making a sharp point on a stick, or basic cutting this is not a problem. Plus, there is a tactical use for a guard. I cannot stand knives without some guard, as ones hand will likely slip across the blade especially after a liquid gets on it.
Good point about pommel. Also the survival knife cavity in the handle used to be pretty common in the survivalist era of the 80s in the US. This serves a purpose of small storage. It is not standard with bushcraft knives so common today.
The steel is not considered a high end steel by many; however, I have knives with it, and I like it fine. It sharpens easily and is more corrosion resistant than many steels. Bohler has an excellent reputation, but the knife is over $400 USD, which puts it into a class with a Busse. This is expensive. I realize the price may be cheaper in other countries due to trade agreements, custom duties, etc. Regardless, you review knives that others do not. Keep it up.

A modern version of the Ka Bar but with better materials and way much more robust. Great review as usual

I was looking for review of this knife and I'm convinced enough to buy and add my collection..

Good to hear it called the USMC Fighting /Utility Knife because that what it was considered Ka Bar just high jacked it and the design their name but several companies made those blades. That one is beautiful.

The only things that I don't like about extrema ratio is all the writing on the blade and I hate
serrated on the edge .

I love your videos and I'm very proud for Extrema Ratio knives. I'm Italian and I'm happy when I saw your videos. In Italy there are many places for trekking, but I'm glad to see wonderful places on the other part of the world! Sorry, if I permit, but what's your name? Do you have a Facebook profile? Sorry, I'm curious! Have a nice day!

Thanks a lot for the great review! I love watching your ER videos. There are very few reviews of this knife out there (because of the high price I guess). I own the desert version too but I haven't used it yet..
How does it compare with other ER knives like the Dobermann 4 and the Fulcrum S in terms of toughness?

Hey Buddy, hope you´re doing fine.
Once I had the exact knife, but I sold it…because the "Pommle to Tang construction" is very badly engineered.
In my opinion, you cannot use the knife as hard as the knife lead you to believe. I don´t say the Blade will brake or such dumb thing, but if the Pommelplate brakes…the entire knife will become useless. I´m also of the opinion the older original camullis MKII or Kabar MKII Fightingknives had a better "Pommel to Tang construction"…they where fitted and pinned to the tang…
In the Italian-Army they also don´t use that particular knife, mate. Soldiers carry mostly the Fulcrum E.I (Esercito Italiano) or in the Infantry the also carry the Fulcrum Bayonet E.I. Mostly, to be honest, soldiers buy theyr own knives such like a medium fixed…for example the Shrapnel, Kabar Turok or an ESEE 3…
Anyways it is a good lookin´knife 😉

Great review as usual and like the way you have gone all Italian with the pronunciation of Ratio haha.

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