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$20 vs $160 Knife – Is Cheaper Better?

$20 vs $160 budget knife. Which is the best kitchen chef knife?
Best $15 knife Sharpening Kit

You need to have a good quality budget knife to do light work around the house with. Do not always use expensive or premium quality knives to do all food prep work. There are lots of budget knives that are high quality.

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Just a suggestion which I am sure most of you already are aware of: Try Thermal Receipt Paper for testing the knives! I save all my receipts now solely for this purpose. Even though magazine paper, and newspaper "paper" work fine, I somehow feel they have impurities, or particles in them which give inconsistent results. The Thermal Receipt Paper is thinner, and seems to be made with a much higher consistency, and gives you exactly the same sound, and feel every time, which I really depend on to determine the edge of my knives. Just thought I would share. Enjoy your knives, and happy sharpening to all. ; )

Why do people still bother with whetstones. I bought spyderco medium and ultrafine ceramic stones. Man they're superior and weren't expensive but will last for who knows how many decades.

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