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Salomon Huck Knife 2020 Snow+Rock Snowboard Review

The Salomon Huck Knife is back! A Salomon Snowboards pro team favourite, the Huck Knife is a playful and forgiving technical park board that has more than enough mettle to handle the rest of the mountain at the same time. This true twin board features an intricate profile that blends multiple degrees of traditional camber between the feet through to the inserts and is topped off with rocker in the tip and the tail.

“What does all that mean?” you might be asking, it is designed to provide you with the benefits of an aggressive camber profile in terms of pop, reactivity and stability on landings while mitigating some of the potential set-backs of a traditional camber board. This allows the Huck Knife to remain playful and agile in powder, fun and easy to butter and press and allowing you to absolutely rail turns when you need it.

The Huck Knife has won countless awards since it’s introduction into the Salomon Snowboards range, and it’s easy to see why when you jump on one. Whether you’re launching off side-hits, lapping the park or simply cruising around the mountain this is an incredibly fun and playful board that is an absolute pleasure to ride.



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I need help to The size of my new snowboard.

My boots is 40,5 (us 7,5)
Im 163lbs (73kg)
My hight 173cm

I want to ride it all but most jib In The park

Thanks 🙏🏼

I kind of want this just to hang in my room, it's a great design, I just can't afford the splurge with all the craziness going on outside rn. I do like seeing other people using it though, I can sort of enjoy it through them lol.

huckknife or DOA ? I'm looking for something that can replace my ex salomon sabotage (beast of a board

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