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Aliexpress Damascus VG10 kiritsuke chef's knife review – Amber Knife Store

Found this one on ebay with a different handle option. Confirmed that its from the same factory as the one in the video. Also ships from China but at least you get PayPal and Ebay buyer protection if you’re wary of ordering from Aliexpress:

Here is the Aliexpress store where I purchased these from:

*****Important Update******
7/8/2020 – $42 was such a good deal that I ordered another set but just received a message from the seller stating that the price was a mistake – not sure if they are going to honor it or refund me yet. If you’re interested in purchasing, I’d recommend shopping through their store front linked above or just searching for VG10 Kiritsuke in Aliexpress; there are many sellers selling the same full size kiritsuke for about $40 which is still a great value for the quality.
Here is the direct link to this set of knives: ***See 7/8 Update*** This link may have incorrect pricing:

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Did order it – seems to be a nice package and a great price… around 40.- again thanks for sharing this!

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