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Survival Kit Review: Part 3 Fire (Wilderness Survival skills)

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You talk so fast, its hard to keep up with what you are saying! 

No, I will not reply over and over, the video should be informative and easy to understand.

Have you tried melting wax OR petroleum jelly then dip cotton buds let them harden a drop of meths (firewater) lol I find with my Crusader mug stove they burn up to 20-30 minutes ? As for the matches I use again melted wax– tie cheap string around a lolly pop stick (rather like torches in medieval castles used pitch to keep them a flame ) dip it in let it dry hard meths and does it burn a long time? I do like corresponding with intelligent women!!! lol

Also a small Fresnel lens magnifier will save your matches, fire steel, etc if you happen to need a fire while the sun is shining

Petroleum jelly is really inexpensive and is also good for cuts as well as fire lighting, all good advice here, nice vid !!

but you realize that cattails are good to eat as well, right? there's plenty of vids on that. plus i've tried them. kind of like celery… they have many other uses as well…

so when i first read 3rdshifted's rude comments, i immediately when online to find a myriad of examples of potassium permanganate's water purification uses. unfortunately, i can't find a reputable (in my opinion) source for it. the CDC and EPA both dismiss it's emergency purification qualities and i couldn't find a college or university study that supported it. so can you please tell us where you found that info. thank you ma'am! and keep up the great videos!

Nature provides: as a absolute last resort if you want to get a fire going, might be bit gross.. but navel lint and ears wax, kinda same as cotton and wax (havent tried it myself but heard it should work) lol
joke aside, rub your clothes together, preferably cotton shirt or socks, (the looser structure in the material the better it works).. and voila.. you produce some "dryer lint" ready to use for firestarting, incase you cant find birch bark or some other dry tinder.

Im mesmerized by those eyes…if she tells me to eat horse shit to survive, Ill do it! LOL

Permanganate will give you nice purple teeth to go along with your giardia when you think your river water is safe. She's wrong and someone could get killed listening to her.

For us guys, I think by the time we need the petroleum jelly it'd be gone already!. oh come on! whose with me?!?! (high five?, high five?). great vid tho.

Cattail on its own is not that great. Fire 'eats' it rather than supports a flame. Mix it with teh Vaseline you show to pack though, then you have a burn ball.

@jhynesyahoo Thank you for clarifying. I would still like to see use of items.

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