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MOST Underrated BUCK Knife? – Review: BUCK 102 Woodsman

Buck 102 comes in many handle materials and steel types.
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Best price – Blades Canada (aka Warriors and Wonders) – $69.99 –

Amazon.CA – $84.99 black phenolic resin –
-$109.99 Cocobolo Handle –

All the following are at AMAZON sites of the particular country:

$46.39 base model as in video –
$59.99 COCOBOLO handle –
$64.99 RED MICARTA handle –
$64.99 Black Phenolic with FULL FLAT GRIND –
$114.99 RED MICARTA handle and S30V Stainless Steel –
$54.99 – with 5160 carbon steel and brass bolsters –

EURO 83.46 – base model –
EURO 98.72 – Cocobolo-Holzgriff – or EURO 89 – Cocobolo –

Euro 88,00 –

EURO 70,99 – base model –

¥ 6,930 – base model –

$160 –

not in

not in
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26 replies on “MOST Underrated BUCK Knife? – Review: BUCK 102 Woodsman”

Have this 102, a 115, and the 119, all with the black Micarta handles. Great knives. However, I find the Micarta handle to be the proverbial "slicker than snot" once blood gets on it. Actually somewhat dangerous. I have the 102 size with s rubberized handle which is great….zero slip. There are many great knives, but none beat Buck. Company is great and fantastic Customer Service. And, the Buck family has strong Christian values.

Buck has a way of working and tempering the 420HC, that no one else seems to do. I have three Buck knives from the early 80s and I love all three of them.

Scatter brain get focused and stop rambling on, it was windy last night. Get to the point, I will make a flashlight video. I live in a small town and everyone has a 4” knife. CRAP review couldn’t finish the video thanks for wasting my time.

I had to replace my first 102-lost after a rabbit hunt-I think. Handy, light weight, easy to sharpen, does well on fish, game birds, and small game. Better than a Bird and Trout knife that I purchased. I find it easy to carry. You touched on all of the advantages. Thank you for the review

Thank you for this review. I have a Buck 102 I purchased as a teenager in the early to mid 1960's. Has been on many hunting, fishing and camping trips. Not just for small game as I have used it with excellent results field dressing whitetails. My blade is worn from being sharpened over the years but I am confident it will last the remainder of my time here on earth. Wish all companies had quality and pride of workmanship as Buck.

Have had my 102 for well over 40 years… (In fact, the sheath on mine has a full flap instead of the handle"loop").. still a great knife

Greetings from Germany!
(my English is not so good😐)
Got this Knife last Week – and i'm very happy with it!
Blade comes razor-sharp, the Handle fits perfect in my medium Hand, the Leather Sheath is well made and smells decently like new Shoes – very nice.
This is my first Buck – and not my last 👍

hay I live in Alberta to, I love my 119 but this looks easier to carry I mite buy won thanks 🙂

I got wood handleed one in the mail yesterday. Didn't realize it was so small. Great for food prep etc. It's a beauty together with a 110 & 119

A fine knife. I've field dressed 5 deer with it, and skinned and butchered one of them using this knife, which was a hand-me-down from my older brother. I thought I lost it 2 years ago and was bummed. Turns out another brother put it in a drawer at his cabin while packing up for the season. I was happy to get it back.

Love this knife. Like you said, small enough to edc without attention. Always on my side. Its part of my belt now. I bought the OLD pre 1986 fold over sheath.

this with a buck special is what i call a practical camp carry, big knife for wood pred, little for food prep

Umm I think you're getting your right and left mixed up. You ARE wearing that sheath on your left side. Besides, theoretically speaking you could carry that same style sheath on both sides of your belt as it is.

I just found this video.  I have a Buck 102 and they're just a great handy little fixed blade for a affordable price.  I've enjoyed Buck knives since the late 1970's and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to a young outdoors man or lady.  Enjoyed the video, thank you.

I really don't know what the fascination is with "batoning" anyway? That's what a hatchet or an axe is for….

I just got this knife, I can't quite say I love it because I have not had a chance to use it yet. I have the wooden model and it feel very nice in the hand. As soon as I get a chance I will defiantly use it

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