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Knife Review: EDC for $8 (Impossible?) – Harbor Freight Folding Knife Review

Can you really get a decent EDC Knife for just $8 at Harbor Freight? Impossible right? Well, not so fast, this little folding knife might just surprise you.

I don’t do a lot of gear reviews, but every now and then I run into a product that strikes me as exceptional, or at least worth talking about for one reason or another. This knife definitely one of those products.

A few months ago I reviewed a 15 dollar anvil from Harbor freight:
That review turned out to be one of my most popular videos, but since then it’s been a long dry spell for Harbor Freight. I’ve tried to find products that I REALLY like, but so far it’s been a mixed bag.

(NOTE: I should mention that I’ve had pretty good results with the 1×30 belt grinder and I definitely consider it a good purchase for the price, but it hasn’t been without it’s problems. And I’ve discussed that in other videos and I’ll probably do a final review on that sometime soon.)

Back to the point of this video: I’m reviewing the Gordon Brand “Challenger” from harbor freight. This is actually a pretty excellent EDC knife. The G-10 scales are phenomonal, I love the texturing, very practical, very grippy. The design is ergonomic, this is not a knife that’s going to slip out of your hand. The handle design feels good in the hand, edges might a tiny bit rough, but nothing that should create any hotspots or anything, at least not with any kind of ordinary use. Maybe if you were doing really heavy work, for hours at a time you’d want something more, but that’s obviously not what this knife is for.

The blade is nicely shaped, practical drop point design, it’s just hair under 3 inches, or at least the sharpened edge is under 3. I’m not a huge fan of serrations, but if your looking for that, these will do fine, or if you’re like me, maybe youre not looking for serrations, but it’s certainly not enough of an issue to disqualify an innexpensive EDC blade.

The steel is 8CR13MOV, that’s a Chinese steal, but it’s actually quite decent in a budget knife. It’s stainless, it’s reasonably tough and hard enough to a hold an edge, at least for regular tasks. I’ve cut cardboard with it, whittled sticks, cut rope and twine, I’ve used it for striking a ferro rod, I even turned it around and used the blade edge to strike the rod (which I do not recommend by the way) and it’s taken all the abuse I’ve thrown at it. With that said it could use a good sharpening, but it’s still sharp enough for most ordinary tasks.

The advertised weight is 3.4 ounces. The pocket clip dark in color, non reflective and adjustable to 4 different positions…point up, point down, left and right, so that should please just about anybody. It has a hollow ground blade which makes for a nice sharp edge and good cutting performance.

The action is quite smooth, I mean we’re talking about sub $10 dollar knife here, I’m not saying the it will compete with a 200 dollar benchmade or spyderco, but it is very similar to other well-made, budget folding knifes with nylon washers.

It has the classic liner locking mechanism, I’ve never had any problems with that at all, it always locks positively and firmly in place with no play or wiggle. Well, there might be just a little side to side wiggle in the pivot, but nothing more than these other knives that are substantially more expensive.

By comparison, the CRKT B.U.L.L. that I’ve had for many years cost about $30 dollars and I got it on sale. The Diskin Volcan Coronado goes for about $17 to $25. And those are also great knives and I think excellent choices for EDC as well, but you’re going to pay a lot more for them. Two or three times as much at least.

So if you’re looking for an inexpensive but functional, decently made, durable EDC knife or maybe you just want a cheap beater you can throw in the car or the tool box… at this price, I really think you should give this one a look.The quality is definitely comparable to knives that cost 10 or 20 dollars more and, honestly, this one has some features you might not even find on those knifes like the four-position pocket clip.

So there it is. I found another product from Harbor freight that I can give a truly enthusiastic review of. If your in the market for a budget folder that will serve you well, definitely give the Gordon Challenger a try.

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The only issues I had with the knife was the screws backed out and I don't have anything small enough and the fact that I cannot open it with just the little thing on the side. If I flick it, it will open all the way. I bought one and decided to buy a few more because I tend to lose things.

Great and thorough review! I picked this knife up today and was incredibly impressed, considering the price point. Shaved the hair off my arm with no problem, right out of the box! I'll absolutely be getting more of these

It’s a manual flipper, it’s not assisted by anythin, but the flick of a wrist lol meant to add that I bought this knife too for $8-$9 you really can’t beat it unless ya wanna spend $25+ also just got a Buck inertia, Buck exert, and a Kershaw link 1776, gonna pick up a Camillus impulse 2 next week 😁😁

Great knife. Liked it so much I bought a dozen…1 in every car, a couple at various drawers in the house and a couple for EDC. Holds an edge well, and sharpens up easily.

I just bought one of these because it was so cheap. Do you happen to know what size Torx bit I need to relocate the clip? Also apparently now, the blade is more polished than the one you're showing here.

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