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EDC KeyChain Update – KeySmart Review

A new keychain configuration using my new keysmart.

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See my old keychain configuration in my first EDC video:

KeySmart customer service and review of NomadKey mini-charger cable for KeySmart:

10 replies on “EDC KeyChain Update – KeySmart Review”

I bought one of these from Amazon and they suck..the keys dont sit properly no matter how many times i try to put them together… definately NOT worth $25…DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY !

I looked up Doo-hicky on Webster's online dictionary but couldn't find anything. Could you please clarify what is a Doo-Hicky, and where on your keysmart is it located?

I love that you were smart enough to blur out your keys. I see a lot of prominent YouTubers not doing this. Some crazy stalker could totally make a copy and break into their homes.

You're the first smart person to do that. Kudos for thinking of that.

A woman sporting a EDC keychain making manly points , whats this world coming to ?  Can I say it, It needs a Mans touch…

You owe it to yourself to check out the Fenix E05 AAA flashlight. Its super small and lightweight, yet its very rugged and waterproof. It offers 3 adjustments for brightness and can last for 15 hours…only takes a SINGLE AAA. The important thing to remember is when SHTF, it will be a LOT easier to find and use AAA batteries than it will be to find those watch batteries that are needed for that Streamlight Nano I see so many people going with. The Fenix is only $20 and my new EDC, I love it and highly recommend you check it out.

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