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Ultimate Hobby Knife Review

the Cadillac has arrived.
also available at Hobby Lobby
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Andy I would Like to Ask did you buy those Teflon Blades and where did you get your Techni's from Sir Thanks.. AKR

Andy you think the Fiskars knifes are Great which they are,  well there is one that is a Wii bit Better, The knife I'm Talking about is the one Made by OLFA I'm going to include the Links Below for the OLFA's I got one & Love it more than my FIskars and you want to talk about a Collet this Knife handle has a Collet built better than the one built by Fiskars.. And with the OLFA's you also have 2 Saw Blades you can use in this Handle 😀

Where Did i get my OLFA @ I got mine at the same place I got my Fiskars Joann's Crafts  Micheals has them too mine cost me 11 buck it include the Handle and Four Blades I put the links on here so you can see the Knife..

For Videos on the OLFA's  Look Here:

You ain't a Kidding that is a Damn Good Knife.!   Andy  you can get that knife the one you have @ Joann Fabrics and Crafts on SALE for $2.49 and the Blades that come with the knife Look on Joann or hell I'll just put a Link to it and or you can find one in your local store and Looking on you can find how many your local store has they also Carry X-Acto knifes as well But like you I like the Fiskar's and I like the Fiskars Scissors that Joann Carries.. Look at them as well you'll like the Selection.! 

Here is the Link and the Fiskars Knifes

Awsome work here. I'm 6'9" and have huge hands and am always fighting with the small handles. The fiskers handle looks like its thicker than the excell and exato handles. Thanks for posting

i have the same blades and yep theyre sharp lol havent cut myself yet trade off for sure thanks for the tip bud

Andy man this came at the right time! My last couple trips to the hobby store I been looking for a new hobby knife I've broken or striped 3 exacto and the Wal-Mart one I'm using just been getting me by but the thing I hate about all I've tried is the rocking blade! After watching ur vid I immediately found one on eBay for 6$ free shipping I jumped on it! Looks like an awesome tool can't wait thanks for the info bro!

Nice review and I will say I have a few of the same ones as you and have had the same issues. I am sure allot of folks have. That Fiskars looks like a nice solid handle, I am going to look for a retailer that sells it and get one. I need a good handle.

Thanks for sharing this review, it's very informative and helpful.  A good point is to stay away from those cheap-o hobby knives where the blade holder (colate) itself is plastic!

Great knife review Andy!
I have been there as well with handles
I have many of the same You talked of
"Now" I know what I am getting next!!
Thank You for sharing

Fiskars, got it. I will buy one right away. Thank you for the clear excuse to make a Hobby Lobby trip! And I will demand that the cashier send you a kickback. It will probably arrive in the form of a 40 percent off coupon! hehe.

I'm always a day late….. just bought another cheapie x-acto. I'll keep my eye out for one. Nice review Andy.

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