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The CRKT Overland Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a solid knife with great design by TJ Schwarz, the CRKT Overland.

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Have the tuna. Kind of the same family from TJ. Love it. I carry it more than far more expensive knifes.

With 8Cr13 I feel like it would be worth carrying a super slim utility blade for things like cardboard. Like the giltek RUK or something. Utility blades are the best for cardboard anyway

It’s a great knife. I’ve sliced food and stuff with it. It’s a fantastic user! I’ve had it since it came out.

Definitely concur about the design, what made the launch 1 and 095 blade shapes very attractive to me is most certainly reflected here. Would love to see it in a Reate type production level piece.

Nice looking knives for under $40, the basic steels were nice to learn how to sharpen. But I feel CRKT forgot their place in the knife world after that $700 behemoth

I dont know how but my friend has a tuna and he somehow got it to fall shut it has no blade play and is centered and locks up perfectly

I like the blade shape a lot. Just the thing for on-the-go food prep. But… Teflon is a toxic material that I don’t want to get anywhere near food. So that takes this knife off my list.

I would grab this in a heartbeat with color options, bronze washers, and a higher end steel. So pretty much a different knife. I do like the look but I've avoided CRKT due to price, materials, and build quality. I really wish they had more than just aesthetics going for them.

Your "rock crawling off road vehicle" design comment was interesting. The 7 slots in the handle on the G-10 side, is Jeepish.

I hope Cricket sells a lot of these…Then they might do what they did with the Pilar, and make some editions/seller exclusives with better blade steel.
Unfortunately, competition in that ~$50 range is VERY strong these days. Civivi, CJRB, Real Steel, Steel Will, Kizer's Vanguard series…Are all doing better, IMO.

I have steels that range from 3cr to s110v and s35vn and I honestly cannot see a huge difference between 8cr and say S30v. Depending on the material, both dull within cuts of each other in my real world experience. This is to be expected as different steels have different chemistry and preferred sharpening tactics, but even still I don’t see any real huge difference. I work at Fedex and we cut a lot of material when repairing boxes or opening something that may have shipped broken. I usually carry something in S30v from different brands and I just cannot see a huge difference. D2 has its own issues, as it needs watched regularly for rust spots (I have a Civivi wyvern that has rust in the groove despite my best efforts) so the gives and takes are always there. Just some food for thought. Good review

If expecting PB washers and non-,CRsomethingMOV steel is being a "snob", then the knife world is not worth saving anymore.

Well stated Nick – I love the look and functionality…but the material quality certainly needs to be better…

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