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The Best Knife Blocks

Equipment expert Adam Ried reviews knife blocks.

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29 replies on “The Best Knife Blocks”

You talk about a safety issue with blades sticking out of the plastic block but then go on to endorse the design trifecta with all blades exposed and blades sticking above the block!! I don't get it. I have bought dozens of items from the test kitchen but this guy doesnt know anything. Its like a commercial. Very disappointed.

Do not ever buy one of those wooden blocks without the magnets that have slots for you to put the knives into. I had one and looked down into the bottom of the slots one day and found nests of cockroaches and cockroach eggs in the bottom of the slots. Never again.

Wow! First time this show has let me down. Way too expensive a model and really just a gadget more than a helpful kitchen tool. What the heck happened to the true and trusted knife block. All knives fit perfectly and the whole set can go on my counter under the cabinet within easy reach. All knives are safe and ready for use. Magnets will not hold when the knife is bumped at the right angle. Murphy’s Law, it will always be hit at just the right angle to fall off and become a dangerous object. Please folks, redo this knife holder test!

I love my Bodum bristle knife holder which cost me 1/2 of your "runner up." It is safe and I don't like the esthetics of visible blades, a bit visually disturbing. Not swayed by the Trifecta rotating wood holder!

How will that thing fit under your upper cabinets? I guess I'll display it in the middle of my dining table lol

The 360 Knife block allows the upper part of long knives to be exposed. Why is this deemed safe and the winner but the plastic one was declared unsafe for the same reason?

What a ripoff.

Exposed blade not mentioned on the winner, but a criticism on other blocks… Pffft

Funny how they called out safety early on in the video and then chose the carousel of death as their top choice. Obviously child safety wasnt even remotely considered in this choice: kids will be drawn to the fun spinny shiny toy, and there's no guard whatsoever.

I'll stick to my conventional wooden block – holds more knives, all safely, and angled for easier accessibility.

Smh they do realize that the majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck right? No way I’m spending that kind of dough on a knife block!

Take a circular saw and cut some slits in your countertop! It will be better than all those knife holder thingys! 🌴🌴🌴

A good set of knives with a good block can be easily had for $200-$300. Hat said, a block and a few favorite knives out of that is miles ahead of a $250 block. Also I do not see how you condemn one for exposed blades yet the $250 winner could easily be considered an exposed blender for the fingers of curious and playful children. Love the channel, not the best equipment review though.

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