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Spyderco Paramilitary G-10 Digital Camo: Knife Review

The PM is two-thirds the size of the original Military Model. Its flat-ground CPM-S30V blade stretches 3-3/32″ long with the Spyderco Round Hole generously sized at 14mm for gloved or large hands. Furrowing above the hole presents a positioning spot for the thumb that’s texture, keeping slipping to a minimum. Nested into the G-10 scale is a top-seated Heavy duty rated Compression Lock. By inlaying (nesting) the lock we increase its strength without adding thick and bulky liners. The handle expands at the front and back for advanced grip retention, eliminating forward or backward sliding. All steel and curved to keep it pinned in a pocket, the clip attaches for right-hand tip-down carry. The ultimate mid-sized survival knife.

Length Overall: 7 7/8″ (200 mm)
Length Closed: 4 3/4″ (121 mm)
Hole Diameter: 9/16″ (14 mm)
Blade Length: 3 3/32″ (81 mm)
Cutting Edge: 2 15/16″ (75 mm)
Blade Thickness: 5/32″ (4 mm)
Blade Steel: CPM-S30V
Weight: 3.75 oz. (108 g)
Handle Material: G-10
Made in Golden, Colorado U.S.A. Earth

22 replies on “Spyderco Paramilitary G-10 Digital Camo: Knife Review”

Nice knife, but at £111.00 it's a bit to expensive for me. Plus my Spyderco UK Penknife FRN Leaf Blade (Black) is still working fine and takes an edge like no other knife I own.

@BloodyPaperclip i dont think the military or army uses or at least issues ANY folding knives because there is always the possibility that the lock can fail so i think they only ever use fixed blades

Excellent vid.I just ordered the same knife today,cant wait to get my meathooks on it 🙂

Love the Videos Dude, keep em up! Every single knife I buy you've already got a review for, so we must have similar tastes. Just ordered the ParaMillie 2 today, I'm really looking forward to getting it. I look forward to seeing your opinions on that. Keep em up! Be-Uu-Te-Fool!!!

hey cajun, quick question for you. I own a sypderco military in the digicamo with black blade and was wondering if every knife has its own unique camo pattern to it. I have never seen 2 that looked exactly the same. just wondering. Thank you

thanks blaze the native I just got is in the same coating. oh yeah I said something about Steamboat bills the other day its in Lake Charles. you need to go try it sometime you will like it.

@thecajunblaze Are you able to remove those scuffs/scratches from the blade. I need to know before I pull the trigger on purchasing one.

I'm concerned about the coating. It looks great but is it worth dealing with on a day-to-day basis; i.e. scratches, maybe not as smooth as the polished version, etc.

i bought 2 for 110 each. one with this model, the other in white blade/black handle. used them often for my road patrol missions. s30v offers excellent cutting/slicing tasks (real life experienced). CL is very good with tactical glove. i like rat-1 too for heavier cutting jobs. great vid.

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