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The CKF Satori 2.0 Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a design-first knife that’s quite nicely done, but at a very high price, the CKF and Peter Rassenti Satori 2.0

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I love weird knives, but I cannot get past the enormity of many high end customs/production. You take some giant shit out and people react.

Jeez, the amount of knife community noobs in the comments is astounding. I freakin love mine, and Mikhail is an awesome dude to talk with, super accessible and friendly

Every time a piece for functional art is followed by an iteration catering to those whom hold small knives in hi regard… Welp, it saddens me.
I absolutely love these designs of Rassenti. The original Satori was my first but I am not inclined to step it up to a Snafu 2.0. Thanks for another great video Nick, my man 🤙

G'day Nick, interesting design thanks for showing it. With the recurve though, it kinda cancels out the benefits of the rest of the blade shape IMO. Those stop pins; whilst at least there for a reason, are in the cutting path and also detract from the design, again IMO. Thought you were gonna say 300 – 400 USD, but @ 600+, you'd really really wanna love it. Cheers Duke.

The external lock pins are in the cutting path. You have criticized other knives for having thumb studs in the cutting path.

Kizer makes a blade designed almost exactly like this one, minus the fuller. S35v steel and about $130. Beauty of a design, just don’t want to sharpen it!!!

Okay so I'm gonna ask a question, please don't think I'm rude or ignorant. What is the whole thing with the knives? Do you use them or is it just like a collectable thing? I genuinely am just interested as I think they're cool but I kind of don't get it.

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