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SOG Ultra XR Knife Carbon Fiber – The Carry Knife For People Who Hate Carrying Knives

SOG Ultra XR Knife Review

This is the SOG Ultra XR. It’s the first knife I’ve ever carried with any real consistency. I find that most EDC knives are too heavy, too bulky, and kind of boring for my taste, so I generally don’t carry a knife, but the Ultra XR has definitely changed that for me.

The Ultra XR comes with a slim carbon fiber handle and Grey Titanium Nitride coated blade or Gold, if you’re so inclined.

When it’s closed the knife looks more like a modern credit card holder or money clip than it does a pocket knife and rightfully so because it actually doubles as a money clip and credit cardholder.

It has a Sleek, Modern, functional aesthetic that won’t really move the die-hard knife enthusiast but will most definitely appeal to those people who have a more “Take it or leave it” attitude toward carrying a knife every day.

This isn’t the knife to end all knives. I’m sure there are “Technically Better Knives” but it’s the best knife for me right now because it fits my lifestyle.

I don’t have to make accommodations for it, which means I’m more inclined to carry it.

It’s a really high-quality knife in the modern sense of the word quality, where the materials are light but still strong. It also, Doesn’t hurt that it’s a damn good looking knife.

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20 replies on “SOG Ultra XR Knife Carbon Fiber – The Carry Knife For People Who Hate Carrying Knives”

Dam that Quick Draw Mcdraw clip brought back memories. Dam I miss being a kid.

Wtf!!!!!….. you never carried a knife ??? Oh hell nall. Every man suppose to carry a pocket knife. That’s a must. 🗽🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽

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Douglas k. Tingler

I’m 55 and can hardly remember not carrying a knife. In grammar school we had a teacher that was always wanting to trade knives with someone. I feel naked without one. I don’t have an expensive one but I don’t like being without one.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

I follow the same train of thought about my knife. Ive and decent knives in the past like a robust kershaw. But my favorite has been a similar looking knife to this from Buck

Rule number one: always carry a knife. Rule number two: put it on the opposite side of the concealed firearm.

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