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LAPG TBFK S35VN Folding Knife – Overview and Review

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15 replies on “LAPG TBFK S35VN Folding Knife – Overview and Review”

There's lots of good articles by Larrin Thomas with experimental data about this phenomenon, so to speak. Edge geometry contributes to edge retention (better described as sharpness) moreso than hardness. Both are important but this explains why the rope test gives unpredictable results from a hardness perspective. A poorly heat treated s35vn blade with acute secondary bevels will out cut a well heat treated blade with more obtuse geometry. The metal will wear away faster on a less hard blade but the edge stays thinner over time. You want both aspects to be "good" but if you have to pick one (or only afford one), edge geometry wins in my book.

MC wgat is your direct email address? I DM you on instagram but no answer so i will try your email. Please either post it here or answer DM on INSTG

Got the tip down version soon after I got into the hobby. Sometimes the big thumbs studs get caught pulling from the pocket, which can result in an accidental deployment. There are so many better knives around this price point that I have no desire to pick up a tip up version. There was alot of hype over this knife when it first came out. At least it is confirmed to be real s35vn, but with questionable heat treat.
In my light edc use, it's been fine. But I won't carry it anymore because of that deployment issue. I just keep it in a kitchen drawer if I need a knife on the spot. I don't find it uncomfortable in hand. The contouring is nice.

Might be a silly question but would it be worth spending 4 times the amount of money on something like a 943Osborne? Thanks! Once again awesome video

Thanks for the vid, MC. I will admit being curious about this knife. I would take a well made knife and well treated D2 than an average made knife with the blade steel being a crap shoot. I spent less on the Mini Feldspar in my pocket which is one of the best users I have.

Don't normally buy a knife under $100 and for $40 I'll pass on this as well. What's the point of a $40 box cutter tbh? My $10 Gerber utility knife does that job just fine..

Might be S35VN steel, but NOT American S35VN and that makes a world of difference. Not a fan of foreign metals and for a multitude of reasons like there piss poor quality control standards for one..

This is a typical type of knife and company that I would stay away from because even if I'm dropping 40 bucks down I want to get what I'm paying for not a maybe I'll get what I paid for.

My thought is that when it comes to s35vn for $40 I'd still take it over 8cr, d2 etc that will also have an unknown heat treat. That's what the price point struggles with regardless of steel. I cycle through some of these as a friend and sharpenb them and am amazed at how well they hold an edge.

Ah, I get it now. You’re kinda like a P.R. guy. Smart. I know you put a ton of time into this.

Have had 4 or 5 of these over the years and they've been totally awesome. They always have a great detent and okay action. The black bladed version always has a worse action. I've given them to people that have used them hard in construction etc and it has held the edge extremely well. Out of the ones I've had the steel has performed on par with my other s35vn knives. Not quite Cold Steel but still good.

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