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Gerber Covert Auto Knife Review | OsoGrandeKnives

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Known as the international best-in-class folding tactical knives, the Covert family takes another leap forward this year with the addition of the Covert Auto. Our popular Applegate-Fairbairn S30V steel blade folder gets quicker with a new spring-loaded auto release that rapidly deploys the S30V tactical blade with the push of a button. The addition of this knife is a perfect way to complete a collection, while also owning a perfectly balanced auto-opening knife. Proudly made in U.S.A.

NSN: 5110-01-539-9990

Key Features:

Perfectly balanced
Made in the U.S.A.
Quick, rapid deployment
Applegate-Fairbairn S30V steel blade

Tech Specs:

Overall Length: 8.70″
Blade Length: 3.78″
Blade Material: S30V
Weight: 5 oz.
Handle Material: Type III Anodized 6061 Aluminum

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13 replies on “Gerber Covert Auto Knife Review | OsoGrandeKnives”

Funny thing Americans. It's easier to buy a gun than it is to buy an automatic open knifešŸ¤” logic?

If you forget to lock it it will open in your pocket, and you have to unlock before used, a knife that you can open with a flip of your hand is quicker then this covert a Gerber. and will not open iat the wrong time, I know because i have both kind.
over kill design .

Is the button easy to push? I bought a boker klashnikov and sometime the button is so hard to open I canā€™t even open it

As a now retired LEO of 34 years, I tried carrying a much smaller handgun as my backup. Unfortunately I found having a gun on my ankle only slowed me down in chases & fights. I wound-up carrying a Benchmade automatic knife for the last 20+ years of my career as my backup. I practiced religiously drawing the knife with my weak hand. With the automatic feature, my wife timed me deploying the knife in just under 2-seconds many X's…

Anyone — repeat, ANYONE who offers these knives for sale ONLY to government should be ashamed of themselves. Ā There is NO rational reason why ANYONE should not be able to acquire one of these types of knives. Ā There are plenty of good, solid reasons for anyone who wants them, to have them, but there are NO rational reasons for them to be restricted — ESPECIALLY by government at ANY level. Ā  I challenge anyone here to describe even ONE rational reason why these types of knives should be restricted, using verifiable facts, evidence or bulletproof logic.

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