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Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack: Review

In this video, I give my thoughts and opinions on the Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack. While I am sure this is a decent base system for those just beginning to create there emergency setup, I feel that a better option is to build a personal system that allows you to know what items you have as well as create a system that matches your environment and emergency needs. I believe that the food that they provide (which Wise is most known for) is good, but it can be purchased stand alone which may be a better option for many. Many of the secondary items that come in this pack can be found elsewhere for low-cost, and I wonder if this product is actually worth the cost?

Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack:
Cost: 69.99 (Amazon)

The Food – Tastes pretty good for what it is
Vegetarian options a plus for those with dietary restrictions
Long shelf life
A good way to get into emergency preparedness

Secondary items feel somewhat cheap
Not enough water to make the meals provided
No markings on the “cook pot” to properly measure portion size
Needs supplementary items to make it a quality system
Trash bag provided too flimsy
Marketing; seems gimmicky as you’d survive for 5 days with just water barring serious injury (which this kit would’t help with much anyway)
May provide false security

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Spam w/ pull-top lids. Bottle of multivitamins. Single-person UST Bug Tent. I'm surprised it doesnt come with a cheap water filtration straw but throw one of those in it.

i would like to tell everyone there is not enough food for 5 days its a good start if you want to use it for a base to build a bag off of

I have learned that the gov. asked wise foods for a list of people who have made purchases from them. And the lowlife scumbags at wise handed over the names of 10,000 people. Now why would the gov. asked for that list you ask. Perhaps to hunt down preppers. Makes one wonder how many survival companies have handed over names of people who purchased survival items from them. Warning, never buy survival items on line. If you cannot buy them from retailers…look around or perhaps fine something just like what you need. Always use cash. Never buy from Amazon….I'm sure that they are doing the same. Spread the word about wise.

This is one of those bags that you need to supplement. For water, might need the Camel Back pouches. On its own, this bag is not bad. I got water filter systems I added to my bag, the Berkey sport bottle and the LIfestraw. I added one of those 6 dollar emergency tents, a chow set and a few other things. It's a great start, but yes you'd have to add to it.

Great review thank you so much. The information about the food at 7:30 was very helpful! Been looking at this kit to buy for myself and my mom, best to build my own with quality items. Thanks!

thanks for sharing the video most of those items can be found at the Dollar Store the rain poncho at Walmart is .97 cents and the food Knoor brand has a better selection of food items that use less water and cost a buck each rice or pasta lots of choices. Cheers

I got my 5 day backpack along with 3 boxes of 1 month emergency food supply. I was impressed with the durability of the backpack as I had expected thin and cheap. The issue I had with the boxes is that they are only for 2 servings a day so I will just expect it to be supplemental them with my other supplies. Either way I paid $275 for the 3 boxes and backpack with supplies. $68.75 for each item and that's ok with me. I was really looking for the food, but Sam's club had a package deal so we thought we would try it out. I was going to make my own review, but found yours and I think you covered basically what I would have said! An issue I had with the backpack is the water situation, the amount food, and cheapish tools. I received 2 bags of breakfast, 3 bags of entrees and 1 bag of whey. They each say 4 servings. 1/4 of the bag equals a serving. After opening the bag and making the food, I have to save it for later, but how will I close it up properly? No ziplocks on bags. If I'm on the go, I won't have my foodsaver with me… So if I had this on the go, I would have to shovel it all down or bring something extra in my bag to try and seal it up, like a plastic container with a lid. The water amount was crazy. It says on the back to not drink water for 24 hours unless sick or hurt. Then it says to drink 2 bags a day. So we would need 8 bags minimum if not drinking water the first 24 hours. I only received 5 bags of water. I'm all for making my own bag, but I don't mind buying something like this to get a bag started. I would just want beginners to realize that they can't just buy this and expect to survive off of it. I will definitely be adding to this bag!!

2nd one of these about the WISE pack I've watched . Very honest and fair coverage.
at 7:30 you are correct
Dangerously short on water. Add a (filled) Nalgene bottle or canteen right away.
And then a water filter.
Good that the flashlight is rechargeable.
Good to include a particulate mask but they need to match those with exam gloves.
Add work gloves, bandana and shemagh. Plus hiking socks, foot powder, mole-foam.

Most people could survive 5 days without food, or with minimal food. That said, having a hot meal is a definite morale booster, especially if you're cold. Water is another issue altogether. There's not nearly enough water in that kit for 5 days for one person, even in cool weather and minimal physical exertion. I'd have some water cached somewhere – in the home or car, or elsewhere if necessary, or know where the nearest flowing source is and include some means of purifying it (boiling is good against microbes, but won't remove heavy metals and other non-volatile chemical pollutants, unless you're running a water distillery). If you're sheltering in place and have A/C and power to run it, you could use the water that condenses off the coils (I might still filter/purify it). I wouldn't cringe if someone gifted me with one of these 5-day kits, but I'd certainly add and/or substitute a few things. Nice review.

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