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ESEE-5 Survival Knife Review

A review of the ESEE-5 Survival Knife.

Knife Specs:

– 1095 Textured Black Powdercoat Steel Blade
– Canvas Micarta Handle
– 10.88″ Overall Length
– 5.25″ Blade Length
– 16 oz Overall Weight
– Kydex Sheath With Belt Clip

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No offense but if you're going to do a review on a knife you should know the actual details you got the length wrong, didn't know the terms or handle composite, among a couple other different details . Should also Mention the most impressive part of the knife the no questions asked lifetime warranty.

ESEE makes a great knife, I've had mine for years! Left the sheath in the car on a hot day and screwed it up, but its still functional….note to self! All in all a very rugged knife worth every penny and top notch quality.

I have the same one its a great blade tuff as it gets. price is a little high but worth every pennie

Where did u buy it from I wanna get one from knifecenter but not sure if I would get what I ordered

this is a great knife~~~~a must have~~~~~ESEE has a whole line go ahead check them out on twitter and facebook,facebook is a great site check them out

I was going to get the Bravo 1 as my all use knife, but after seeing so many great reviews on this knife, I've changed my mind and decided to get this one instead..

I have not noticed any handle issues what-so-ever. For a survival knife it is very ergonomic and feels good in the hand.

@frenchfried100 lifetime guarantee brother. 100% no questions asked. that means forever. thats worth the price to me. My esee junglas and RC-6 our my fav knives now. well worth it!

i just can't see myself paying $150+ for one of these knives not because i dont think it's worth it …it's just that hell.. for around $70.00 i can get the becker bk2 and realy the only thing im losing is micarta handles and that can even be resolved by getting micarta handles for the bk2 and im still no where close to the price of the esee 5.

I just got this knife today. Its amazing! Cameras just cant capture how big of a monster this thing really is.

Did you have to special order a lefthanded sheath from ESEE? I'm a lefty and need a sheath like yours.


While this may be true with larger logs, I was able to baton most wood quite easily. Check out my Summer Gear Camp video to see this knife in action!

I think you might have a harder time then you think chopping wood, the heft looks good but the size is ging to hinder your efforts.

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