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Why did this knife make everyone so mad? The Bull Knives Production Shamwari (Shamweri) Review.

Bull Knives released a production version of their Shamwari this year, and it quickly became another instance of can’t we all just get along? This review looks at a knife sometimes called the Shamweri, and muses as to why did this little knife make people mad? Good question, and hopefully I can’t answer it in this video. I will compare it to the Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza 21, the Laconico Massdrop Keen, and the Spyderco Para 3. I examine in this video the real problem in the knife community, and offer no solutions- other than an easy way to waste about 9 minutes. This run has been sold out for some time, and you can’t buy it anywhere… but you can look at pictures of it in the link below.
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14 replies on “Why did this knife make everyone so mad? The Bull Knives Production Shamwari (Shamweri) Review.”

Uhh…this was the YouTube knife influencer’s best chance to reference “Shamwow” in a knife video. Unsubscribed.👍🏼

I don't care about the knife, but because I'm on the internet talking about collectibles which are subject to artificial scarcity, I am now filled with pointless rage. Thus, my raison d'être for being on the internet has been fulfilled. Thanks Advanced Knife Bro. 👍

I find the lack of batoning and wood chopping disturbing. Is it really an Advanced Knife Bro review without hammering a knife through some wood?

Haha awesome vid as always bro! I also got on the preorder for the evo typhoon too! And I’m super stoked about it!

Front flippers aren't my thing and this one is too small anyway. And I have enough anger over the Protech malibu reverse tanto. Seems like only reviewers have this knife.

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