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The Finch Knives Runtly Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a knife that’s pretty neat, and has a refreshing sense of humor, but where you’ll pay a bit of a price to get it: The Finch Knives Runtly.

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If you're going cleaver-style, try the Civivi Mini Bullmastiff. Great blade and action, sharp, practical, and only $50! This Runtly is wayyyyyyy overpriced.

$140 for Chinese made N690 liner lock even with the extra little touches is a terrible price around $70 would be closer to a good price.

This knife hits me the same way fashion watches do, in that all the focus is put on appearance. You have some fantastic or interesting looking watches using some of the cheapest movements available. Here you have a knife with some very interesting styling but it's missing the quality materials and the refinement. It all feels very James Brand-ish in that the idea of the brand is what's being marketed rather than anything they sell.

Not to put you down nick or anything but your voice reminds me of Glenn quagmire. From family guy. Are you from NY? Love your reviews I didn't know you do knives and because of you I bought the citizen courageous years ago. Cheers!

Yes..I have this Runtly in "Yellow-Belly G-10….and yes …it's overpriced…DEFINITELY…but there is a VERY cool quality to the knife in-hand (it’s made by Bestech and they excel at small knife manufacture: Engine & Goblin)…and everytime I look at it I smile….so the smile factor allows me to overlook the price in this instance…πŸ™ƒ

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