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Old Timer Buzzsaw Trapper Folding Knife Review

The Old Timer Buzzsaw Trapper folding knife from Schrade is a classic design knife that features a clip point blade, a really useful saw blade, a field pick, tweezers and a leather belt sheath.

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26 replies on “Old Timer Buzzsaw Trapper Folding Knife Review”

it should be the boy scouts knife for sure thats what they need to do make it for the boy scouts of america its perfect for boy scouts

ha i did not know you did a video of this knife lol lol but im very to much to every day man allways working even some times at 3:00 in the morning and dont have much time for watching videos

Great video I like Old Timer knives I gotta decide between the bearhead trapper or the buzzsaw one for my next knife!

Ive found that newer old timers arent as good as they used to be. Granted, I do carry a stockman I bought years ago before the quality got horrific

I have this knifes big brother, the schrade son of a gun. On the folding hunter frame, with larger blade and saw. Sadly, doesnt have the tweasers and pick.

I highly respect your knife reviews. You have made a big impact on my knife purchases. Your reviews are more mature and honest then most. Keep up the good work!

Hello congratulations for the video, thanks for showing, a question … What steel does it carry ?. A greeting.

Does anyone know if a Firefly ferro rod will fit in the tweezers or pick compartment of this knife?

This video is always in my recommended lists, but the knife never interested me. Glad I decided to watch.

Actually I have to revise my impression of you. I had the impression you were a Schrade fanboy somehow, but after ordering a 97OT and receiving it I have to say you are perfectly right in all aspects.
This is a great pocket knife and supreme build quality.
Thanks for the good reviews. I am sorry for my misjudging you.

Sorry the match trick never worked for you. I guess Georgia ticks are tougher than Massachusetts ticks. LOL
Thank you for the update on the latest thinking on this matter.

Based upon this review I purchased one of these knives. I found the blade and saw do their jobs very well. I like the tweezers; however, as a child I was advised not to remove a tick by pulling on it as you risk leaving the head in your body and causing an infection. I was told it is better to light a match and place the extinguished, but still hot, match head on the tick's body causing the tick to back it's head out of your body. I've not found a use for the metal pick but that is probably due my lack of imagination.
I have found this tool to be an excellent value. Brian, thank you for introducing me to this knife.

Not impressed with this knife personally. The blades edge on mine smacks the back spring when. You close it causing a dull spot. Unsure if it's just mine but quality control on the Chinese old timers is not that impressive to me. The original US made knife is probably a much better blade.

Another great video Brian thanks. All my Schrades are U.S.A. made with the exception of my SCHF38. I may just pic this one up as well. – Marco

great review
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pale horse survival and tactical
Thank you

I need another knife like I need another hole in my head lol but…. I'm looking for a knife with a larger saw and I think I found it. don't tell the wife lol blessings sir 😇

One thing about Schrade is that they make every pattern of folding knife. I carry a Case trapper and would love to have a saw blade on it. With that sheath, $25 is a great bargain. I am surprised it wouldn't strike a fero rod any better than it did, but that is OK.

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