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My Kershaw Cryo 2 Knife Review is 5 Years 2 L8. A Rick Hinderererer Joint

The Kershaw Cryo 2 is a very successful (believe me) collaboration between famed knife maker between Rick Hinderer (No relation to the band) and Kershaw. Who also makes knives. The Hinderererer Cry0 2 builds upon the success of it’s predecessor by making this one bigger and heavier- which is always welcome in an every day carry knife. Laugh when I make jokes, cry when I compare this to the Kershaw Link, Benchmade Griptilian, Ferrite, and barf when I chew food. This review contains everything no one has ever wanted in a knife review. Be sure to check out Josh Johnsons channel:

Also if you’d like to buy it get it here:

25 replies on “My Kershaw Cryo 2 Knife Review is 5 Years 2 L8. A Rick Hinderererer Joint”

Unicorn bones are used to pick your teeth, the ones the Tooth Fairy brings you, that you use to chew Easter Rabbit Stew.

I liked your griptillion demonstration. Otherwise your vid was downright depressing. Get help, or don't, or do. Cuttings for wussies

How about Harbor Freight's $7 Gordon EDC? It's made from the same steel and comes form China, but you can get it off a store shelf while buying other stupid shit.

I noticed that you marinate your steak in soy sauce and not Worcestershire. I hope your wife does not catch you wearing her Victoria Secrets……

Are we still on for the trade ? My vintage rusty boyscout barlow with the broken tip for your CR Sebenza ????

Isn't it dangerous to use pocket knife? as some you-tuber show some pocket knife can't take the spine whack test.

Fkin love your videos man, my wifes like" what are you lauging at?" me…..a knife review…..she will never understand 🙂

I have both variations of the Cryo. Much prefer the larger Cryo in BW. The 9mm bullet lock bar stabilizer adds a touch of class that makes up for the fact I can't afford an actual Hinderererer. Just like Kershaw Emersons remind you that you have a genuine imitation….

I just bought a Boker Plus Exskelibur 1 in 440C, so I support you reviewing a long standing good knife. What did you trade it with?

You may be the topic of hair gel guy's next video rant if he sees this lol. He will need to set the record straight out there in social media land… it's where he lives. I do like and have a lot of Kershaws but don't have a Cryo. It's okay but yea, this one landed on the positive review bandwagon for sure.

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