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The Animator's Survival Kit – Book Review

The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams. This is THE book to read for learning how to animate.

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The Animator’s Survival Kit covers all the principles of animation. It’s written in a conversational style that’s easy for beginners to understand. There’s a lot of examples of walk cycles, making breakdown drawings, keyframes and inbetweens, anticipation, and much more.

The drawings are simple when demonstrating key concepts. More technical drawings are presented towards the end of the book. Williams never imposes a particular style on the reader – he explains the techniques of animation in a way that allows the reader to adapt it to their own style.

Some of the working methods as applied to traditional cel-animation are outdated in today’s digital world, but the methods of animation are all here. Highly recommended to all animators, including 3D artists. It’s worth rereading over and over. Even if only 10% of the information sticks with you the first flip through, it will improve your understanding of animation drastically.

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I've been meaning to reread it for a while now. Good review. Also, the digital version has animated segments that you can break down and look through. The physical one has all the frames so you can follow what's happening, but they're actually in motion digitally, which is great.

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