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The BEST Budget EDC Gun Out There? Taurus G3c Review!

This week on TGC Reviews, Jon Patton and Genevieve Jones check out the Taurus G3c!

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24 replies on “The BEST Budget EDC Gun Out There? Taurus G3c Review!”

There so many guns now that can get used 500 used that usually go for 700-1000 new. Will always pick a Kriss Sphinx or a Sig 224 or anything in that category of gun.

Is the G3 and G2C reliable? Yes. That's all it has going for it. Price should be your last checkmark, within reason of course.

It's clearly a cheap gun. Cheap sights. Cheap trigger. Cheap texturing. If this all u can afford the. Yes but it. But realize by Saving 200 more dollars u are in a while new category of guns.

Great stuff, I wish there was a tiny section that showed comparisons with competitors in the space.

If and when the time comes for a person to use their defensive kit, id rather the po-po take my 270 dollar Taurus vs my 600 dollar sig 365xl. Im sure firearms get tied up in the system for years.

I have a G2C, other than the trigger it Rocks. Mags are about $27 for extras… wonder if they work in the 3c.

Any way you can send me a free shirt? I can’t afford to buy one right now but love to have one.

"The gun also has re-strike capability but, like I said with the G3, I don't see the point."
The point is obvious… There are sometimes light primer strikes, for a variety of reasons, and hard or faulty primers. If a person panics during a self defense situation, they might try to pull the trigger a second time when it doesn't fire the first time; like a revolver. This gives people in that situation more chances to ignite the primer, especially those with less training and/or panicking. As long as it doesn't add much to the cost and doesn't make the trigger worse, I like it.
Excellent review of a fine budget EDC. Thanks.

I thought i was some lil BEEP for not being able to open the Federal HST boxes. I thought maybe I was intellectually deficient or something. I've kept it to myself all these years out of embarassment.

The sight dovetails are Glock compatible. So you can change them to any standard Glock sights

Am I the only one that knows how to open the HST box? I’m seeing all these comments agreeing with Jon😳. You squeeze the box on the two short sides and it releases the tabs and opens very easily.🤦🏻‍♂️ I can’t believe I’m having to explain this. Much less to a big guntuber. I hope you all feel dumb. Because I find it hilarious, and I love you all 🤣🤣🤣

Still have a PT111 G2. Now all the new versions have come out and I wonder how much better they are in comparison…

I approve of this short format. Simple, to the point, and effective. Much like this Taurus I suppose.

Federal ammo plastic boxes: Just squeeze in on the short sides and it lifts right off. Easy peasy.

Former Taurus owner. The biggest reason for Taurus' reputation is their quality control… or rather their lack thereof. I owned one of their revolvers, (generally considered to be the Taurus you'd rather own if you had to own a Taurus) and it went out of time over the six years I owned it. It was their medium frame with a 4 inch barrel in .38 Special. Hardly a powerhouse and built with lots of steel. I struggle to fathom how one could get that wrong. Because of that, I have never given a single one of their polymer guns a second look.

The primary test will be multiple examples actually lasting through several thousand rounds and several years of carry. I can buy an used M&P or Glawk brand Glawk for only a Benjamin more, so I really need to see at minimum 60% of their durability and 90% of their reliability before I'll take Taurus seriously.

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